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    10 Ways Your Credit Card Is Exactly Like Your Children

    Credit cards are not the devil that so many people think that they are; but neither are kids. When you stop and think about it, however, kids and credit cards are a lot more alike than you might think. For instance, I spend just as much time wondering if my credit card is going to […] More

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know About The American Express Black Card

    Everyone knows that the most exclusive credit card in the world is the American Express Black Card. It’s reserved for the wealthiest of the wealthiest, and it’s a credit card that signifies that you have made it. This is a very exclusive card in that you won’t even find an application for the American Express […] More

  • credit card myths

    10 Credit Card Reward Myths To Avoid

    Credit card rewards are one of the single biggest factors associated with the application process, and many people make it a habit to check the reward programs prior to anything else when applying for a new card. However, it’s not the only factor that goes into the process. What’s important to understand, however, is that […] More

  • credit card benefits

    10 Secret Benefits of Credit Cards

    “Getting a credit card is going to ruin your life,” “Credit cards are the devil,” “Credit cards are the root of all evil.” Does anyone else see the irony in all of the above statements that people love to make on a regular basis (noses wrinkled and in the air with a touch of disdain […] More

  • prevent credit card fraud
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    How Can You Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

    Credit card fraud is among the most common methods of thievery out there right now. It happens all the time, and most of us have no idea it’s happening. It’s not just the man who takes your card out of your wallet after stealing it, or the person who takes your card number in a […] More

  • credit card tips

    10 Credit Card Tips That You Should Follow

    Why are credit cards important? Believe it or not, you don’t have to have one. However, life is far easier with a credit card than without. The make it easier to rent a car, book a hotel room, plan trips, earn rewards and actually get paid for your shopping. Credit cards have developed a bad […] More

  • cash back credit cards
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    5 Cash Back Credit Cards Tips

    I know you love the idea of free money that you can spend anywhere you want doing anything you want, and I don’t blame you. I love it when someone tells me I can use a cash back credit card all year long and make money with every purchase so that I can eventually turn […] More

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