Should You Pay Rent Or A Mortgage With A Credit Card?

pay mortgage with credit card

Should you use your credit card to pay your rent or mortgage? This is a very loaded question for just about anyone. It’s not an easy to make decision because you never know just what you’re getting yourself into, but we can help you use your credit card to pay your mortgage without ending up in debt. Many people think that using their credit card is going to put them into debt, but this is not the case. Using your credit card and running up charges you don’t pay off each month is what causes debt. If you want to use your credit card to pay that rent or mortgage bill each month, do it. But be very careful that you’re doing it wisely. For example, do not do it if you cannot pay it off.

If you’re going to pay the bills using your credit card, save your cash. It can actually be a great idea to use your credit card to pay an expense this large since it can cause you to earn a lot of points on a rewards card. This means cash back on a bills you’re paying regardless, and that’s free money. You just have to pay that bill at the end of the month. Use your card to make the mortgage or rent payment and then use the cash you would have used for that bill to pay off your card balance at the end of the month. Do this every month and you can earn free flights, hundreds in cash back and so much more when you redeem your points. It’s a great idea if you know you will use your cash to pay your bill in full at the end of the month. Otherwise, paying your rent or mortgage with your credit card will only put you further into debt that much faster.

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