20 Awesome Homemade Holiday Gifts


Homemade Christmas gifts are the best ones. You know the people you’re giving them to, which makes them even more unique and special to the recipient. Take some time to think about what your loved ones can use, what they will appreciate and what you can offer them in terms of a lovely homemade gift this Christmas holiday. Read on to find out which 20 homemade Christmas gifts are the most awesome.

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Cookies in a Jar

For this all you need is a mason jar, a piece of pretty fabric an inch larger than the lid of the mason jar and the dry ingredients of your favorite cookies. Measure the ingredients and pour them one by one in pretty layers into the mason jar. Place your fabric on top, screw on the lid and add a pretty ribbon. On a sticker, write down the moist ingredients and baking instructions so that your recipient can finish making the cookies in no time.

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Sugar Scrub

Again, all you’ll need is a mason jar and a ribbon with a lovely label. In the jar, add two cups of sugar and mix it with a half cup of olive oil. Add a dash of spice you think will be nice. This could be anything from peppermint extract to vanilla to a little pumpkin pie spice to create a scented foot scrub anyone will love.

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Santa’s Sleigh

Using two candy canes for the base, stack a couple of different chocolate bars from largest to smallest atop the candy canes. Tie with a pretty ribbon to hold everything together and top it off with a Christmas bow and you have a few adorable and edible sleighs.

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Movie Basket

Pick up a large popcorn bucket and start filling it up with all your favorite movie snacks. This can include everything from drinks to snacks to anything else you enjoy eating at the movies. Pick up a great movie, add it to the bucket, wrap the entire thing in cellophane and tie it with a Christmas ribbon for a pretty Christmas movie gift.

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Spa Gift

All you need is a pretty basket and all the spa essentials. This can include anything from foot scrubs to loofahs to lotions to everything needed for a pedicure. You can use your imagination with this one, adding whatever you want from eye masks to a plush robe. Wrap it in cellophane and a pretty ribbon and present your spa basket.

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Chocolate Candy Canes

This is a simple treat for your loved ones. Simply dip the curved end of a few candy canes into melted white chocolate. Lie your candy canes on wax paper to dry and sprinkle Christmas sprinkles on top of the still warm chocolate. Wrap them in little treat bags with a cute ribbon and voila, an adorable and edible gift.

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Stocking Hangers

For friends who don’t have a fireplace on which to hang their stockings, create one for them. You’ll need five pieces of wood (or more depending on how many children a particular family has). Screw the longest piece of wood to the back of the other four. Paint the four boards red and green and stencil the a cute Christmas phrase onto the wood in white. Attach hooks to the bottom of each of the four (or more) pieces of wood and you have an instant stocking hanger.

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Personalized Mugs

Go to the store and pick up a few plain white coffee mugs. Next, grab a black sharpie and write creative messages onto your mugs. Bake the written-on mugs at 325 degrees for 20 minutes and you have permanent personalized mugs to hand out this Christmas. This is especially cute if you let the kids do it for grandparents and aunts and uncles.

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Baby Food Jar Snowmen

You’ll need three glass baby food jars. Remove the labels and clean them out. Pour peppermints into one, cocoa mix into another and mini marshmallows into the third. Hot glue the bottom of the cocoa jar to the top of the peppermint jar and the bottom of the marshmallow jar to the top of the cocoa jar. Next, place a small square of black fabric beneath the lid of the marshmallow jar and color the rest of the lid black. Add a face to the marshmallow jar, a couple of buttons to the cocoa and tie a piece of red fabric between the marshmallow jar and the cocoa jar as a scarf and you have a hot cocoa snowman.

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Gift Certificates

If you’re computer savvy, you can create printables in cute Christmas patterns that appear as coupons. You can give these coupons to your loved ones this Christmas. They can be anything from a coupon for a day of babysitting, a pedicure, a night off from household duties…anything you think the recipient of your gift will love.

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Champagne bottles in a bucket

Personalized Drinks

While this isn’t completely homemade, you can find your favorite bottle of wine or water or juice or whatever and you can remove the label and replace it with a personalized label you create on the computer. This label can have a sweet message, a clever saying or anything you want it to have. It’s cute and simple when gifted to anyone this holiday season.

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Cocoa Stirrers

Who wants to stir their hot cocoa with a regular spoon when they can stir it with a flavorful one? Start by melting white chocolate and dark chocolate. Dip plastic spoons into the chocolate and cover them in great treats before they dry. Try sugar sprinkles, regular sprinkles, chocolate chips or anything you think would be cute to use to stir hot chocolate and add a bit of extra flavor.

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Christmas Mirror

Nothing is as lovely as a large mirror with a special Christmas message. Start by finding a frame that fits your mirror. Spray paint the frame itself silver. Now, place stencils on the mirror in the shape of the Christmas message you want to leave your friend or loved one and spray the message in silver. Let it all dry and then frame the mirror. What you have is a lovely result.

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Joy Jars

Using three plain glass jars, create a lovely centerpiece for your loved one. Glue each jar onto a tall candle stick holder and either use red stickers or paint to write a J on one, an O on the second and a Y on the third. Fill with Christmas candy and wrap a ribbon around the lid of each.

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Pretty Vase

Wrap a large rubber band around a short glass vase. Next, slide candy canes into the vase so that the curved end is at top. Do this until the vase is completely covered and fill it with lovely poinsettias or roses for a beautiful homemade Christmas centerpiece.

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An Initial Wreath

All you need for this great homemade gift is a large wooden letter representing the first letter of the recipient’s last name and some garland. Just wrap the garland around the letter hot gluing it at both ends. Make sure it’s nice and tight. Add ornaments if you want. Now your recipient has a gorgeous decorated wreath to hang on the door with the hook you applied on the back.

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Romantic basket

This is perfect for that great couple. Fill a decorative basket with romantic items, such as massage lotions, a romantic movie, chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne and anything else you deem romantic to encourage your loved ones to spend a little quality time together.

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Homemade Ornaments

In any craft store you’ll find ornaments in the shape of all kinds of Christmas items such as reindeer and snowmen. These are perfect for handing the kids and letting them decorate with markers and glue to give to their loved ones this holiday season.

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Photo Album

This is especially great for grandparents. Find a lovely album and fill it with pictures of the kids, of you, of them, pictures and letters written by their grandchildren or their extended family members and present it to them on Christmas. It’s meaningful and wonderful all in one package.

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Gratitude Journal

Everyone loves a gratitude journal. Start preparing one for next Christmas by buying a nice, sturdy journal. Spend every day next year writing down something each day for which you are grateful that has to do with your recipient. It doesn’t have to be anything major. It can be as insignificant as, “Today I’m grateful so-and-so made me laugh when I was feeling annoyed.” Present it to your recipient on Christmas. It’s a sweet, wonderful gesture that will have your loved one feeling so special he or she won’t have words.

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