25 Greatest Fishing Sites in America

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The 25 greatest fishing sites in America aren’t that big of a secret. But it’s smart to get there first if you can. They’re the greatest for a reason after all.

St. Lawrence River


There are a lot of great spots to fish on this river and miles from which to pick a spot. Be it carp or pike, you’re bound to make a few great memories.

Lake St. Clair


The sturgeon and bass fishing are two reasons why this is one of the great fishing sites. There are plenty of spots around the lake that are worth visiting.

Lake Erie


Lake Erie is often farmed for yellow perch and walleye. But it is a great spot for fishing from your boat and having a great time.

Red River


This is one of the greater fishing sites since it features several different types of fish that one can catch. It’s another great river to visit and just use to chill out.

Santee Cooper


Bass, catfish, crappie…this place is great for all of those from your own boat or with a friend. It’s a fun spot to go, and like many others, relaxing.

Lake Guntersville


There are a couple of spots on this lake that are designated as hotspots. As one of the best fishing sites, it’s hard to miss out on this.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir


Bass is a popular fish to pull out of this spot. And the best part is that while it’s popular, there’s still a lot of room.

Clear Lake

This site is actually seen as one of the best west of the Mississippi. Not only that but it’s a big spot to fish for bass too.

Lake Fork


There’s a lot of variety when it comes to fishing in this popular spot. The wise fisherman will know what to bring and to keep their tackle box stocked.

Lake Chickamauga


The headwaters are said to be the best part of this area to fish. Bass and shad are what a person can typically expect.

Toledo Bend


There are several spots in this area to fish for success, and the locals know most if not all of them. But thankfully it’s a welcoming spot for the fisherman that wants to chill and enjoy themselves.

Lake Pickwick


Down near the ‘Shoals’ is a great spot to find smallmouth bass. It’s stated that one can find food fishing spots all the way to the end of Seven-Mile Island.

Castaic Lake


There’s not a lot of boat traffic on this lake, which is great. But you’ll also find that a lot of your lures will work in this spot.

Green Bay


This bay offers up some of the greatest fishing in the world for various species. You can be sure to find a lot of fishermen loading up to pay a visit now and again.

California Delta


Several spots are great to fish from in this area. Those with launching sites are preferred if you plan on getting lucky.

Columbia River


There are plenty of spots up and down the Columbia to fish, and you’ll see certain areas filled with boats during the season. Further toward the Pacific, it’s possible to see a forest of sturgeon poles.

Mille Lacs


There are a lot of different species to fish for in this area, so it’s smart to bring a lot of different lures. But one thing is for certain, you won’t get bored.

Devils Lake


Plenty of fish swim in this lake and they’re all capable of challenging even the most astute fisherman. A license is required, but the memories are worth it.

Lake Tohopekaliga


There are several different species to fish for. But one thing you might want to watch out for is the alligators.

Lake Texoma


Striper bass is one of the most popular fish in this lake, but there are plenty others to fish for. It does appear a bit brackish, but it’s a great spot to fish.

Lake Amistad


There’s a lot of good fishing to be had here. From white bass and stripers to blue catfish this is a great spot that many people love visiting.

Kentucky Lake


Just visiting this spot is great since it offers up a lot of chances to make memories. But the fishing is great since you can find catfish, sunfish, and plenty of bass.

St. Johns River


One reason to be a little wary of this place is the fact that there are bull sharks that wander into the spot. But they tend to stay where the salinity is a bit higher, so most fishermen are safe.

Snake River


This is where one can find a great number of trout, either rainbow or brown. Plus, there are plenty of different hot spots to try out if you ask the locals.

Lake Casitas


This is one of the premier fishing spots in the area. Bass fishing is almost a religion in this spot and many fishermen have pulled out absolute monster-sized fish.


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