15 Reasons Why Bar Rescue is Fake

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There are more than 15 reasons why Bar Rescue is fake. But just to be brief, let’s stick to the most obvious clues.

There are obvious storylines

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There are certain things to look for in reality TV shows, and I’ll get into that later. But the obvious note is that there are episodes, and each episode is fairly distinct.

Jon Taffer is real, but he’s still given a script

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The man is real and his accomplishments are just as real. But he’s given his own script to follow, no matter how much he might deviate depending on the material.

Many bars would be shut down for the issues they show

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The filth that is displayed and the problems that arise are enough to close down many bars. To think that anyone is operating in this kind of capacity isn’t unreal, but it’s unlikely.

No bar can operate like many that are displayed

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To maintain its attraction to viewers, Bar Rescue has often had to pick the most down-and-out bars available. Even then, many of these places were better off closing.

Bars are open to shoot when normally they’re closed

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Bar Rescue doesn’t care about hours of operation since it’s a show that can be manipulated. Thanks to that, they can bring in as many extras as possible.

Former employees are often brought in to shoot an episode

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This is more of a rumor than anything, but it does make sense. To think that anyone would be kept after showing the contempt they have for a business is a tough sell.

The level of yelling is not professional

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Yes, people do yell at each other sometimes at the most inopportune moments in the worst places. However, the volume used in this show is not realistic.

Jon’s attitude would not be accepted in many locations

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Whether he’s there to help or not, his attitude would turn a lot of people off. Some people might even want to see their business tank rather than deal with Taffer.

The issues presented are often not realistic

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They’re not realistic because, in a bar that wants to keep running, they don’t happen. This is accomplished with a controlled environment.

Thinking that so many owners are that inept is not realistic

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Some owners indeed have no idea what they’re getting into. But grown adults who want to start a business typically do their research.

The kitchen scenes are often exaggerated

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No self-respecting chef or cook keeps their kitchen such a mess. The funny thing is that the experts who are brought in would likely agree.

No bartender who stands behind a bar is that irresponsible


If they are, they don’t last long. You learn quickly not to overpour, over-serve, or rudely treat the guest.

Many offenses would require an immediate solution

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If this show depicted reality then many of the employees in many locations would need to be fired, pronto. Not only that, but many owners would be the dumbest people alive.

Police are often called on bars that don’t function properly

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As a former bouncer/barback/bartender/server, it’s easy to see how many situations would require the cops. The fact that so much went on without a cop car in sight is ludicrous.

Several bar tips are for TV, not reality

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Sure, the experts are great in their fields, but considering how quickly this job changes, and how many different recipes there are for many drinks, their word isn’t law. Plus, some things they’ve said are flat wrong.


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