10 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Save Your Life

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The dog breeds most likely to save your life are often highly trained and very empathetic animals that exist to help others. Not only that, but they’re great companions as well.

German Shepherd


In terms of loyalty, a German Shepherd will seek to save your life thanks to the bond you form with them. There’s a good reason why they’re paired with police officers and even military personnel since they do form lasting bonds with their owners.

Australian Shepherd


These are working-type dogs that know how to take directions and commands. But after the work day is done they’re also extremely loyal and affectionate dogs that will save your life if called on to do so.

Border Collie


Many dogs of this breed today are kept as pets instead of working dogs, but their capability of protecting their owners is anything but dull. A collie that is taken care of and allowed to bond with their owners will go above and beyond.



They don’t really look like the type since they do appear a little menacing. But a Boxer will do a great deal to protect their family and have an uncanny ability to sense trouble.

Labrador Retriever


This is one of the ultimate family dogs, as has been portrayed in pop culture many times. But the reality is that Labradors will protect their family without question.

Saint Bernard


Depicted as the type of dog to protect hikers, skiers, and various others on the treacherous slopes, many Saint Bernard’s are looked at stereotypically. In truth, a lot of them are big softies that are far gentler than their size indicates.

American Pit Bull Terrier


Too many people think that Pit Bulls are trouble since they’ve gained a bad reputation. But when it comes to their training and their families they are very loyal and will make sure no one messes with their loved ones.



While not a huge dog, the Beagle is known for fierce loyalty and the ability to stand up to threats without fear. Dogs are amazing in that no matter how big they are, they’ll do anything for their owners.

Doberman Pinscher


This is another dog that has a bad reputation due to past indiscretions. Dobermans are often looked at with fear. But they are quite gentle and will stand up for their families without fail.



This fierce-looking dog gets a bad rep from pop culture. But they’re quite lovable and cuddly if trained right. They can be an outright terror to those who seek to harm their family.


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