Keep Your Friends Close

Friends are among the most important people in our lives. We know that our friends are there for us whether we need to laugh or cry. We know that we can count on our friends for help if we need it, and we almost always take them for granted. I know I do. My husband and I have a group of the best friends in the world, and we love them. However, we don’t always have time for them, which means we’ve had to learn how to make time for them in our lives and still live our lives with our kids. We’ve come up with some pretty good ideas that have worked for us for years.

Schedule Appointments

Much like the rest of our lives, we schedule appointments with our friends. For the past five years, we’ve had a standing Wednesday night dinner date with our best friends and their kids. Every single Wednesday night for five years we’ve had dinner with this couple, and if, for some reason, one of us cannot do a Wednesday night, we reschedule it for the day before or after. We also have pool day every Saturday during the summer with those same friends and our other favorite couple.

Plan in Advance

Since we all have kids, we have to plan things in advance. If we want a night out to enjoy dinner and cocktails without our kids, we send a mass email out to everyone asking which nights are good for them. We agree on a night and then we work on our babysitters (read; grandparents). This allows us to typically have one night every month where we can really focus on being friends, rather than making sure our kids are behaving.

We Make Changes

Since everyone in our group has kids, we’ve had to make some changes. For example, our Wednesday night dinners used to be at restaurants. Now we take turns hosting at each other’s houses every week. We have every other Wednesday. This allows us to relax and enjoy dinner while our kids (two for us and two for them) run around and play without driving us – and everyone else – crazy in a restaurant.


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