10 Items on the Pizza Hut Menu That Could Potentially Kill You

Pizza Hut

If you’re still ordering pizza from Pizza Hut and expecting to consume meals that are healthy and good for you, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s amazing just how many people eat fast food and pizza like this on a regular basis and expect to stay healthy and in shape. It’s been proven that fast food that’s processed, frozen and cooked in so much oil and so many other unhealthy additives is just not good for you. Yet people continue to eat it as if it is going out of style. It’s disgusting.  It’s not healthy, and it’s not doing you any favors. It’s also not going to help you look or feel good, and it’s not setting any good examples for your kids or your family. When you eat like this, you show your kids that eating like this is okay. When you take the time to consume a healthy diet filled with fresh food and health ingredients, you are setting a good example.

So while we certainly are not saying you can’t ever eat fast food or Pizza Hut items again, we are saying that you might not want to because it’s just bad for you. So there’s that; and there’s the fact that when you take a good, long, hard look at the menu items Pizza Hut has to offer, many of them are just a heart attack away from killing you. They’re filled with the least healthy things you can consume, and yet you keep eating them. If nothing in your life has convinced you just yet to stop eating this stuff, let us tell you about 10 things on the Pizza Hut menu that probably will kill you before too long.

Hot and Twisted – 2400 Grams of Sodium

This is something that literally contains more sodium in one serving than health officials recommend you eat in an entire day. The daily recommended sodium intake is only 2300 g, and this menu item contains 2400 gs. And that’s not even counting people who are over the age of 51 who are allotted approximately 1500 g of sodium per day. It’s really disgusting.

Buffalo Wing Sauce for Dipping – 2210 Grams of Sodium

This is just sauce. It’s not even the sauce you put on the wings when they are served. It’s the sauce in which you dip your wings. And it has more grams of sodium than most anything you could eat. It’s only 90 grams away from being your full daily intake. It’s going to kill you.

BBQ Lovers – 75 mg Cholesterol

Did you know you’re supposed to keep your cholesterol level below 200 mgs per day? That’s right; and just one slice of this pizza is going to put you almost halfway there. If you want to have clogged arteries and high blood pressure, though, you just go ahead and keep on eating this disgustingly unhealthy meal.

Garlic Parmesan Wings – 260 Calories for Two

Two chicken wings; they’re delicious. But who stops at just two of them? Most of us go to at least 10, and that means that you’d intake 2600 calories in just this meal alone. That doesn’t even count all the rest of the meals you had throughout the day. Nor does it count the fact that this is a number that far exceeds the recommended intake as far as calories are concerned.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza – 410 Calories per Slice

BBBQ and bacon and a cheeseburger all in one? Nothing sounds more delicious, but nothing is going to kill you faster, either. This pizza has more than 400 calories in one slice. That means that by the time you’re done with your third slice of this pizza you’ve taken in more calories than most people are allowed in a day.

Meat Lovers – 2170 Grams of Sodium

There is so much salt in this pizza, in addition to so many calories and so much cholesterol that it is literally a heart attack on a plate. Go ahead, though, and enjoy this one as long as you want. You’re probably taking years off your life every time you take a bite of this pizza.

Cock-A-Doodle Bacon Pizza – 360 Calories per Slice

Bacon and chicken sound good too, but not at the rate this pizza is going to put you into your grave. It’s scary just how many calories are in one slice and just how much of all the other bad stuff is in here. There’s so much negative that it twice makes up for the positives this pizza might have to offer.

Pepperoni Lovers Pizza – 310 Calories per Slice

Pepperoni is not bad, right? Well, it’s not bad if you eat it with nothing else and you limit yourself to just a few little pieces. However, it’s really bad when you put it on a pizza, cover it in cheese and grease it up. Too much of this and you’re going to end up sick, unhealthy and living a life that’s just not good for you as a whole. A salad might be a better option with the dressing on the side.

Giddy-Up BBQ Pizza – 380 Calories per Slice

If we are being honest here, we don’t even know what kind of pizza this is other than the fact that it has some BBQ sauce on it. It sounds questionable, and the nutrition information provided for this pizza is certainly questionable. Let’s just go ahead and say you should stay away from this one if you plan on living much longer.

Cherry Pepper Bombshell Pizza – 330 Calories per Slice

Cherry pepper bombshell; what happened to things like a veggie pizza? What happened to cheese and pepperoni and vegetables? What is this? We can’t even honestly tell you what this kind of pizza actually is because we don’t know. We have no clue; we have no idea whatsoever and we just aren’t prepared to even go there. It’s not healthy with this many calories per slice, and it has a lot of the other stuff in it that will kill you, too.

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