Spend Less Money On Gas Each Month And Have More For Other Things You Want

The prices on gas have rose significantly in the last few years and there is no end in sight.  We have to have it but there are ways to spend less money on gas.

Some of the tips you can follow are simple common sense, such as to combine as many trips as possible into one.   Unless you have a good reason not to, aim to do all of your errands on one day to save needless trips.

Drive the speed limit.  Not only is it safer, and the law, but it will help you to spend less money on gas.  Driving fast takes more gas than driving reasonably.

Be a loyal customer.  Buy your gas at a place that rewards you for your loyalty.  Shop around until you find a gas station that does this.  Some gas stations also offer lower prices for paying with cash.

Have a good tune up regularly to spend less money on gas.  Tune ups extend the life and efficiency of your car.  It is especially important to have your air filter changed at regular intervals.  Doing so will give you better gas efficiency.  While you are checking your car over, make sure your tires have the right amount of pressure in them.  Driving with low tires will make you need more gas.

Drive with a lighter load to spend less money on gas. The heavier your car is the more it costs to fuel it.  Unload all the junk in the trunk.  You really don’t need all that sports equipment, cooler and chairs unless the season for the sport is in.

Don’t leave your car running while you are dashing in for an errand.  This just keeps gas usage from being its best.  Also, you might think you are only going to be in a shop for two minutes and end up in there for thirty.

If you follow these tips you will spend less on gas and see a big difference in your budget.


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