Which of the Two Old Navy Credit Cards is Right for You?

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Who doesn’t adore Old Navy in all its family-friendly glory? It’s a great store that’s undergone a great transformation to ensure that it’s got something for the entire family, and to ensure that what the store has to offer is appropriate in every manner. What we love about Old Navy is the fact that it is a store that everyone loves. It’s one-stop shopping at a reasonable price that makes people very happy. In a rush to get Christmas outfits for the whole family? No need to go to 24 different stores; Old Navy has something for the entire family. And considering their entire line is made each season with a complementary color scheme for every age range, finding complementing ensembles is a cinch.

The other really awesome thing about Old Navy is that everything is made well and it’s inexpensive. Where else can you get a gorgeous peacoat that’s going to last all season and probably several seasons to come for less than $50? You can’t; which is what sets Old Navy apart from the crowd. Whether you are shopping for you, your spouse, your kids or your grandmother, there’s something for everyone. It’s always on top of the trends in a manner that’s classic and timeless instead of over-the-top trendy. It’s just another feature we love about this place.

Something else we love about Old Navy is the great credit card the store offers, and the fact that you can use it at Old Navy’s sister stores; Banana Republic, Gap, Piperlime and Athleta. The best part is that there are two different Old Navy credit cards you can choose from; the Old Navy credit card and the Old Navy Visa Card. We are doing to talk about the benefits of both so you know exactly which one to apply for when it comes time to choose which card is appropriate for your need and your financial situation.

The Old Navy Credit Card

This is the easiest card to get an approval for. You can apply in-store, online or through the mail for instant approval. Your first purchase will receive an automatic 10% discount, which is a great feature. During the holiday seasons, this discount does occasionally get higher. For example, in past years, some card applicants have received a 20% discount when they receive their approval on days such as Black Friday. It’s a great reward. Additionally, you will receive a $5 reward card every time you spend $100 at Old Navy. You can spend it all at once or wait for smaller purchases to add up.

Other benefits of this card include being informed about big sales and deals before anyone else, exclusive offers only available to cardholders, and the choice to get 10% off every single order you make on every Tuesday when you use your card to pay. You’ll receive holiday discounts, special discounts and incentives that no one but cardholders are eligible to receive. The amount of your credit line is dependent on your credit history and your credit score. Depending on the credit score you have, you might have a big credit line or you might have a much more modest credit line. Keep paying in full or at least the minimum balance on time each and every month, however, and you will quickly find out that you can get a credit limit increase to use for additional shopping throughout the year.

The Old Navy Visa Credit Card

This is the more exclusive card, and it’s just a bit more difficult to obtain as you will need a much better credit score when you make this application. This is a card that offers you the same benefits as the regular Old Navy card with a few extras. In addition to the 10% discount you get when you make your first Old Navy purchase with this card, you are also eligible to receive a $5 gift card with every $100 purchase. You will also receive discounts, promotions, deals and advance notice of sales with this card. The best part is that this card is not just good at Old Navy and its affiliates. You can use this card anywhere that Visa is accepted. The rewards points change dramatically when you use this card at other retail locations. Instead of getting $5 with every $100 purchase, you’ll receive $1 in rewards with every single purchase you make outside of Old Navy and its affiliate stores.

Which Card is Right for You?

This is a question you have to answer on your own. If you’re not sure your credit history is quite good enough to receive either card, you can assume that the Visa is automatically out of question. However, you can make the decision to apply for this card and take your chance. The regular store credit card is your best chance for building credit and making sure that you do get an approval. Both cards are eligible for credit limit increases periodically, and both cards are easy to use online, over the phone and in person.

Each card has the same payment system, interest rate and due date accrual method. The late fees are the same, the over-limit charges are the same and the fees for cash advances and balance transfers are also the same. The only real difference lies in the locations in which you can use each of these cards. Take a few minutes to compare the cards and their benefits to see which one is right for you. We can’t make that decision on your behalf, but we can help to make the decision easier for you by providing you with the information you need to make the most informed decision. Both cards, if used incorrectly, can have a negative effect on your credit score, so it’s important to pay them on time, pay at least the minimum and make a great effort not to max out your cards. Credit reporting agencies prefer that your continuous balance is less than 30 percent of your available balance for the most favorable scores.

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