15 Reasons Vacation is Good for Your Life


Why do we vacation? Your kids are making you crazy, your neighbor is up at 5 am mowing his lawn every Saturday and your in-laws new habit of showing up anytime they want without first announcing their visit – or waiting for an invitation – are driving you over the edge. There are plenty of good reasons to go on a vacation; now. You might be surprised at some of the reasons vacation is so beneficial to your mind, body, and soul. Read on for the 15 best reasons to take a vacation now.


To Get Away

Your annoying neighbor isn’t going anywhere, so maybe you should. Getting away is good for your mind and your body. The daily routine of life can make you a bit crazy from time to time. Getting away from it all can help you relax and rejuvenate. You may book condos or an Oceanfront Bed And Breakfast for a weekend to destress and relax. And to make the whole trip more relaxing and convenient, you may also consider seeking private transportation services.


You’ll Live Longer

The State University of New York performed a study that proves those who vacation at least once every year live up to 20 percent longer than those who stay home. Perhaps they get more sleep. Or maybe they just like to get away from doing the dishes.


No Housework

The nice thing about vacation is not having to waste so much of your time cleaning up after yourself. Not that cleaning up after yourself is a waste of time – because you need cleanliness not to be disgusting – but someone else cleaning up after you for a few weeks is always nice.


No Distractions

The lawn needs a mow, the laundry needs to be done, and you just noticed that the paint on the bathroom door needs a touch up. There are too many distractions at home. Getting away from it all will help you relax and enjoy yourself because you aren’t thinking about all the distractions of home.


You’ll Have More Energy

Studies show that people who vacation get better sleep, sleep longer, feel more relaxed, and produce more feel good chemicals that improve their mood and their brain function. Combined, this all provides you with more energy.


You’re Less Likely to Get Sick

When you take the time to relax, you help your immune system become stronger. This allows you to become healthier.


Your Boss Will Realize Just How Important You Really Are

When you take a few days off of work, your boss is more likely to notice just how important you are. When you aren’t there to do your job, he notices. Who knows; maybe this will prompt him to give you a raise, or more paid vacation, or some other great benefit because he now knows how invaluable you really are.


Your Kids are Cuter at the Beach

Or Disney World, or the mountains, or wherever. When your kids aren’t destroying your house or whining that they’re bored, they suddenly because a heck of a lot cuter. There’s no reason not to take them on vacation and watch with happiness as they laugh and giggle and enjoy the time away. It’s a great bonding experience.


It Makes You Happy

Sometimes you have to forget the rest of your life and go somewhere else for no other reason than to make yourself happy. New sights, new experiences, and new places make you feel happy, which makes you nicer and more relaxed.


It Makes You Wiser

New cultures provide you with the kind of first hand education and experience that is not equivalent to anything else. The way you feel when you see new places and experiences new things, you will become richer.


It’s a Bonding Experience

Whether you are traveling with your family, your friends, or your kids, you will bond. Vacation is a bonding experience unlike any other.


It Makes You Appreciate More

After spending a week living in a hotel with a smaller room than any room in your house, you will appreciate all that your home has to offer when you get back.


You’ll Miss Everyday Life

Vacation is wonderful but at some point, you will miss the little things from your everyday life, such as cooking a home-cooked meal or sitting on your own porch drinking your own coffee.


It’s Fun

What’s not fun about vacation? You don’t choose to vacation in destinations that aren’t fun, so you will leave your trip feeling refreshed and excited. It’s a great feeling.


You’ll Make Amazing Memories

The memories you’ll make on vacation are priceless. The entire family will remember these things for the rest of their lives. The memories will stay with you forever, even after your tan is gone.


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