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  • Warnings Are Given On Air Pollution Levels Across The UK
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    25 Most Polluted Cities In America

    Air pollution is a grave problem in America. A “State of the Air” report is generate annually. This is an assessment of the current pollution levels which are gathered from monitoring of air quality by federal, tribal, state and county agencies. The data is collected from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, specifically from their Air […] More

  • Database Aids Immigration Inspectors' Work
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    25 Worst Airports In The US

    America has several airports and millions of travelers who need to use them. In ranking the worst US airports different criteria were used, and these are the criteria travelers usually adopt in using an airport. One of the factors travelers consider in using an airport include on time arrivals, as well as on time departure. […] More

  • airline secrets
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    25 Secrets Airlines and Flight Crews Don’t Want You To Know

    The majority of us have, at one point or another, traveled by plane. Whether it be for business or pleasure, chances are you’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to have your flight delayed or canceled, your bags lost, a not so tasty meal in the sky, and unruly passengers. While your experience with […] More

  • Severe Storms Pass Through Chicago
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    20 Worst Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters can occur without warning and with devastating effects. Even when a natural occurrence can be predicted, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. These disasters have been known to wipe out entire cities. Remember Pompeii? It was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. and buried it under twenty feet […] More

  • Bud Light X Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour At The 5 Spot In Nashville, TN
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    25 Best Dive Bars in America

    A dive bar is a disreputable bar or pub where local residents gather to drink and socialize. Have you ever walked into a bar, looked around, and thought, “Wow, this place could really use some work?” or maybe “This bar is really one of a kind” or even “I can’t believe they are playing that […] More

  • Record Flooding Forces North Dakota Residents To Evacuate
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    20 Worst Streets In America

    Ever since the decline of industrial output in the United States started in the 1960s, America has experienced a surge in unemployment levels and the attendant side effects such as a drop in real wages, drug trafficking, gun violence, high crime rates, and homicides. Inasmuch as just about every corner of the nation is affected, some […] More

  • Oakland, California
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    20 US Cities You Do Not Want To Live In

    Location, location, location; it’s not just something that someone made up. It’s all about the location when it comes to just about everything in life. From where you reside to where you work, from where you dine to where you enjoy a night out, it’s all about the location. And it’s not just the specific […] More

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    20 Awkward Moments Americans All Face When Traveling

    Travel is the most fun adventure. There is nothing as much fun as travel, especially when it’s to a place you’ve never been or one you love so much. You gain so much culture and experience traveling, but there are some seriously awkward moments we all face when we are somewhere we’ve never been, or […] More

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    25 Things You Didn’t Know About Google Maps

    Everyone has Google Maps. Okay, so maybe not everyone has it, but I don’t really know anyone that doesn’t have this feature on their phone, and in my small existence this means everyone has it. Google Maps is quite innovative. For example, this is the concept you might use to get from point A to […] More

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    10 Great Vacation Ideas For When You’re Not on Vacation

    If you’re anything like me right now, you’re working. Now, I’m going to readily admit that I work from home so I’m probably more comfortable in my home office staring outside at my gorgeous yard and the beautiful weather knowing that in about an hour I’m going to take a much needed break (what, I’ve […] More

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    10 Theme Parks that are Not Worth the Price of Admission

    With the recent news that Disney raised its theme park tickets to the point that they are now more than $100 per ticket, many people are wondering whether or not the amusement park vacation is even worth it anymore. As someone who was born and raised about an hour from Orlando, I can tell you […] More

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