How to Get the Most Out of Your Pottery Barn Registry

Pottery Barn

If you’re recently engaged or are planning a wedding in the future, you will definitely want to register with Pottery Barn. The home furnishing store boasts high-quality products and just about anything you would need to create a lovely abode. From crafted collections of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories, decor and more, you can make your dream into a reality for every room in your home. If it’s your first time registering with Pottery Barn, there’s really nothing to it – it’s very easy to register!

Here’s how to navigate your Pottery Barn registry:

First and foremost, you may start creating your gift registry online or in any of the store locations nearest you.

If you create your registry online, you will go to the Pottery Barn Registry page and start there. Enter your event information, including the type of event and then the date of the event. Next, you fill out all of your information so they know where to contact you as well as where to send mailed gifts. You can even choose the option of letting your guests know you would like to receive gift cards to the store. Then you can start picking out items to register based on your taste and your needs.

Torn between going in-store or registering online? Pottery Barn offers exclusive in-store collections and products, so you may just want to register at the store and manage the registry online.

In case you didn’t know, there are plenty of perks to registering at Pottery Barn, including a registry workshop that helps you set up and manage the registry. It also includes a welcome pack that comes with a guide, announcement cards and a checklist for the registry. How thorough is that?!

It is suggested that you register from three to six months before your wedding or event in order to give family and friends enough time to purchase gifts for engagement parties and bridal showers.

When registering, be sure to register more items than the people you invited. It is suggested that you make sure to include one gift per shower attendee and at least one gift per couple who will be attending the wedding. Include items that aren’t necessarily part of a set and it’s always good to include a bigger ticket item for guests who may pool their resources.

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Pottery Barn)


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