Save Money and Give Back Shopping at Payless Shoe Store

Payless Shoe Store

Not only does Payless Shoe Store have a reputation for having fashionable shoes for the entire family at a low price, the store also gives back. Shopping here is a guaranteed way to save money, but it’s also a great way to help your local schools raise money for things they desperately need. It’s no big secret that most schools are in great need of funds to help purchase supplies, books and even technology to help foster a love of education and a better future for kids, which is why Payless has created a program that allows schools go earn money while shoppers are saving money.

What is Automatic Fundraising?

Automatic fundraising is the answer to your school’s financial need. Unlike other fundraisers, this one does not require people purchase items they don’t need. This one doesn’t end, and it helps schools earn every single day. The best part is that it also helps you save money. You can earn your school funds when you do your back to school shoe shopping, your sport shoe shopping or just your “I want a new pair of shoes” shopping. There is no money to collect, money to turn in, forms to fill out or any effort whatsoever on the part of parents and their students. That makes it a win-win situation for all.

How Do I Save Money?

Simple; you save money by shopping online through Payless Shoe Store. All you have to do is find promo or coupon codes online and combined them with the automatic rebates offer on the Payless website. This means you get to use the coupons offered to you, save on shoes that are already low-price and affordable, and you get to give back.

How Do Schools Earn?

By encouraging your children’s school to sign up for the Payless program, you can simply choose to offer your 8% rebate to the school by choosing it from a list when you check out at Payless. The school will receive your rebate, you save with coupons and everyone wins with every purchase you make. There is no limit to what your school can earn, or how often you can buy some great shoes, save money and give back at the same time. No husband can argue with new shoes that support his child’s education, ladies.

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