Black Friday Old Navy Shopping Will Save you 50% and Possibly Earn you A Million Bucks

Black Friday Old Navy Sales

This Black Friday, Old Navy has everything you are looking for when shopping. We love that the store offers some of the best sales of the season, and we really love that the retailer sells some of the best items. Quality is always preferable to quantity, and Old Navy does not seem like it would be the kind of store that offers quality items if you base that belief on prices alone. However, I’ve learned since having kids that Old Navy has some of my favorite children’s clothing. Durable and easy-to-wear, I love Old Navy clothing for my kids not only because it is so inexpensive, but because no matter how hard my 4-year-old beats up her clothes, her Old Navy items always hold up to her special kind of crazy.

On Black Friday, Old Navy is offering all their customers a chance to save 50% on their entire purchase – in-store. Shopping here on Black Friday is definitely a win; your family gets cute clothes that are stylish and affordable, and you can shop for everyone on your list in here. Did we mention that the store is going to give one lucky shopper $1 million? Everything in the store is on sale for a 50% discount this Black Friday and Old Navy is not playing around. The only thing that you cannot get 50% off of is gift cards, consumable items and items already located on the clearance rack. Everything else is half price, making it even easier than ever to shop for the kids in your life.

The first 50 customers at every single Old Navy store are being entered into a drawing to win $1 million, which is a pretty nice prize and nothing to laugh at in our opinions. This is a prize that is going to cause shoppers to go into even more of a frenzy to get to Black Friday Old Navy sales first. Check your local store for hours – most stores have already announced their hours for Black Friday with many stores opening with deals like this beginning at 4 pm Thanksgiving evening.

If you are not into Black Friday shopping at Old Navy, you can wait a few days and save by ordering online. The site is offering a 40% off everything sale on Sunday and Monday for their Cyber Monday deal. This Black Friday Old Navy deal is not as good as the in-store deal being offered Friday, but the additional 10% price might be worth not waiting in line and having to dig through items on shelves that have been messed up by hundreds of other shoppers to find your size. Additionally, you’re not spending gas money or fighting traffic and looking for a much-needed parking space to shop online, so it might be preferable for many shoppers to take advantage of Black Friday at Old Navy online a few days later.

We have a small Black Friday Old Navy bonus offer to provide Discover Cardholders, too. If you decide to do your Old Navy shopping online Sunday or Monday to take advantage of the 40% off sale, you can shop through the Discover Card portal and receive an additional 10% cash back, making your savings even more significant. In this case, it’s far better to wait to shop online on Sunday and Monday than it is to fight Black Friday Old Navy shoppers in person on Friday.

Good luck with your shopping; be sure to pick up some of the must-have styles for the fashionable kids in your life this year when you do your Black Friday Old Navy shopping.

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