Old-Fashioned Dating Rules That Still Apply

After 11 years with my husband, I’m not really sure what dating is like these days, which is why I’m always shocked when single friends talk to me about it. It seems so foreign, strange, and different than when I was single. However, like anything else the rules of dating change with time. Today, dating is completely different than it was 11 years ago when I met my husband. However, there are some dating rules that will always apply. Read on to find out what men and women did 50 years ago in the dating world that are still a good idea.

Looking Your Best

Obviously you want to look good when you go on a date, but what about when you’re looking for a date? If you are a single girl looking to meet someone, it makes sense to look your best. Stop going to the supermarket in sweats and flip-flops (really, I’m not going to date you but I sure don’t want to date anyone who can’t even take five minutes to put on real clothes to shop).

Good Manners

Ladies and gentlemen: Say please and thank you. It’s not a rule that will ever go out of style. If a man pulls out your chair, thank him. If he pays for your dinner, thank him. Gentlemen, if you would like her to pass the salt, say please. Manners are important.

Be Honest

Really, is there ever a time it’s not okay to be honest? You may think your date will be impressed if you stretch the truth about what you do or where you live or what you drive, but they will find out about it eventually, which means you need to be honest from the start.



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