Make Moving in Together Less Stressful

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, engaged or newly married; moving in together for the first time is a big step, especially for those used to their own space and their own style. Many a relationship finds difficult roads with the onset of cohabitation. To ensure that you aren’t cursing him straight to you-know-where and back as you spot yet another pair of dirty drawers on the bathroom floor and that he isn’t grossed out when you toss your wet undergarments over the shower after taking them out of the wash, you need some rules. Making a plan will help you love each other more; not turn you into the kind of people who stare silently at one another over breakfast plotting the death of his favorite old recliner/your frilly pink pillows.

Express Gratitude at a Job Well Done and Then Make Changes

You hate doing dishes, especially when 90 percent of them are his, but when he walks up behind you, puts his arms around you and thanks you for always making sure that he lives in the nicest house possible you can’t help but feel like your dish washing skills are crazy good. However, you still don’t want to do them. In this situation, it’s time to make a change. The new rule is that the dishes will be washed, but that if you use one, you put it in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, you unload it. That way, the job is done equally by all involved.

The Battle of the Remote Control

He wants to watch ESPN and you want to watch the Real Housewives of whatever season is on at the moment. You glare at one another. You lunge for the remote. You fall on top of one another and begin kissing passionately, and the battle of the remote control is forgotten. All right, all right; this is not very likely. Make a rule or buy a second television. Either watch your favorite shows when the other isn’t around and spend your time together watching things you both want to see (Dancing with the Stars has reality stars and sports stars almost every season; the perfect ESPN/Bravo mix? I think so). Or take turns. You aren’t three years old anymore; I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

Unwanted House Guests

His mom; she loves him so. Your mom; she has so much….advice. They both have their faults and you both like your own much better, but neither one of you has the guts to tell them both to call first and stop making unexpected house calls. Part of living together means giving the other one the common courtesy of scheduling visitors. If a mom – or anyone else – thinks they are exempt from that rule, it is time to set some ground rules. They may not love it at first, but eventually they will accept the rules and start calling first. More advice? Get caller ID.


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