How To Stay Connected In Your Marriage

How can you stay connected in your marriage? For most couples, they have many obstacles to overcome to staying connected and finding time for romance. There are jobs to contend with, children who they love dearly but seem to put a damper on the  best of plans and the daily stresses of life that seem to creep in, things like the washing machine leaking, a bill that has gone overdue.

Thankfully, there are ways to stay connected and in love in your marriage.  You have to make it something you work at.  No marriage is going to work if you don’t give it the time and energy it needs.  Think of it like a plant; if you don’t water it, give it sunlight and occasional plant food, the chances for survival are slim to none.

So what can you do to stay connected?  Be intentional.  Set times aside just for the two of you.  I do realize to get a babysitter on a night all children are well and no one is working that all planets must perfectly align, but don’t stop trying!  When you finally get to be alone, you will be so glad you made the effort.  If that is simply not plausible, have a stay at home date.  Put your little darlings to bed and curl up with a favorite dessert and watch movies or play cards together.  As my Mom says, it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with.  Do things together.

Think of one another.  When you see your husbands favorite candy bar, pick him up one and leave it on his pillow.  Call to say hello.  Sneak an I love you note into his lunch or briefcase. Compliment each other.  Laugh together. Be both loving and loveable.

Your marriage is precious.  Treat it as such and it will grow better with time.



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