How to Use the Subway Nutrition Calculator for Better Health


Ordering fast food is convenient, and ordering Subway is one of the healthier options when it comes to a quick meal that saves time and doesn’t clog your arteries. Of course, it all depends on what you order. Don’t allow yourself to live with the misconception that your Subway order is by nature less awful in terms of nutrition than anything you can order at McDonalds. It’s not a bad assumption, but that doesn’t make it a correct one, either.

In fact, you can actually make your Subway meal less healthy than other meals based on how you like your sandwich and how you order certain things. That’s where the Subway Nutrition Calculator comes into play. This online calculator allows you to enter the order you want to make or just made and find out all you can about the nutrition of your meal. Read on to find out how using this calculator can benefit you tremendously.

Counting Calories

If you’re counting calories, you can use this calculator to help you figure out how many are in your order by entering every last detail of your order into the calculator from the amount of mayo you chose to the amount of mustard you chose. The calorie count of this particular meal will appear at the side of the screen and tell you just how many you’re consuming when you order this meal.

Fat Grams

Sometimes it’s all about the unhealthy fat rather than the calories. You can find out just how much fat your meal contains by using this calculator. It can help you make better choices when it comes to eating healthy and being healthy. Not many fast food restaurants will tell you how much fat is in your meal, but this calculator will leave no doubt when you dine at Subway.


There are many people who suffer health issues that require they lower their cholesterol intake. If you’re one of them, this calculator is going to help you determine how much is in you order. You can even play with it to see what happens to cholesterol levels when you add and subtract specific ingredients so that you can customize your meals to your personal preferences.

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