Subway Nutrition Facts Every Dieter Needs to Know


Jared made headlines nationally many years ago when he showed off his “Subway” weight loss on national television. He was quoted as saying that he ate nothing but Subway for many months, and that’s how he lost so much weight and managed to get healthy. However, we have to wonder if the nutrition in Subway sandwiches is really that impressive – or even that existent. Considering the fact that many dieters forgo carbs like they will catch on fire eating them, we have to wonder whether or not the Subway diet is truly effective.

Can you really lose weight eating processed meats and cheeses and that much bread every single meal of the day? Or even if you just eat it for lunch every day, it would seem that the sandwiches would do more harm than good, correct? While it’s definitely less fattening than other fast food options, there are some special considerations you have to make if you’re planning on losing weight consuming Subway, and they have everything to do with your overall nutrition.

Stick with the 6 Grams of Fat Menu

These are, by nature, the healthiest sandwiches you will find at Subway. If you are insistent on eating subs, eat one of these. Most specifically, enjoy the 6” veggie sub, since it has no meat. You can get this for only 230 calories, but be sure not to include any condiments such as mayo – it’s filled with calories. Better yet, go with a veggie salad and hold the dressing and you’ll save even more calories.

Go With a Mini Sub

This is the kind of sub that’s not 6 inches, but much less. However, it’s also much healthier. You can get the same veggie sub for only 150 calories that we discussed above, or go a little bit more daring and order one with turkey on it for 180 calories. Skip the cookies and chips and soda and stick with water and a side of veggies and you’ll end up feeling full and satisfied for a long time throughout the day.

Don’t Let the Chicken Fool You

Even though it’s on the 6 grams of fat or less menu, the grilled chicken sub is not as good for you as you might think. It’s one of the most calorie-filled subs on the ‘healthy’ menu, and many  people order it based on the fact that it’s grilled chicken and they assume it must be healthier than anything else on the menu.

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