How To Make Cupcake Roses

I’m sure that you’ve been to a party that had towering layers of cupcakes perched atop a table somewhere at least once, right? Cupcakes remain one of the top trends in the world of desserts today. (With good reason too!) They are perfectly portioned individual servings of cake and frosting that fit in the palm of your hand. What’s not to love about that?! Cupcakes have become so popular that TV networks have based shows around the one and only cupcake! If done right, they can be pieces of art as well. From kid’s birthday parties to weddings and everything in between you will be able to find a cupcake that fits the mood of the event.

Have you ever priced custom decorated cupcakes though? They aren’t cheap. ( I know, I have a small cupcake business and have done a tremendous amount of research regarding competitor pricing.) If you just said to yourself that there’s no way you could make a beautiful cupcake that looks professionally decorated well, you’re wrong. It’s EASY! Everything you would need can be purchased at your local craft stores like Michael’s or AC Moore, even Walmart carries a lot of baking and decorating items.

Items you’ll need to make cupcake roses:

Cupcakes Frosting ( see link below for a GREAT frosting recipe)
Piping bag
Wilton food coloring
2M frosting tip

Once your cupcakes have cooled and you are ready to decorate, find a level and clean work surface. Tint your frosting any color you would like and fill your piping bag. Starting in the middle of the cupcake, hold the piping bag directly above and begin gently squeezing. Keeping the frosting tip slightly above the cupcake, make a tight spiral outward moving clockwise. Once you have reached the outer edge of the cupcake you should have what looks like a rose! That’s all there is to it!

(See, I told you it was easy!)

Here are my recipes for delicious homemade vanilla cupcakes and vanilla frosting that will make your cupcake roses not only beautiful but delicious too! Just make sure that you make your frosting stiff so that the rose petals stand better.

Happy Baking!


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