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    11 Unheard Side Effects of Oatmeal

    Oatmeal, touted as a nutritious breakfast staple, has earned its reputation for promoting heart health, aiding digestion, and providing sustained energy. However, beyond its well-known benefits lie a plethora of surprising side effects that may astonish even the most ardent oatmeal enthusiasts. While often considered a harmless addition to one’s diet, consuming oatmeal can occasionally […] More

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    15 Mistakes People Make When Working Out

    There are more than 15 mistakes people make when working out, but highlighting the worst is helpful to many folks. It’s necessary to stay safe when exercising to avoid any unwanted injury. Not Stretching First Before and after your workout it’s important to stretch since going into a workout without loosening yourself up is a […] More

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    16 Best Martial Arts for Weight Loss

    The 16 best martial arts for weight loss are great for exercise whether or not they’re practical in a fight. It’s good exercise at least. Muay Thai Originating from Thailand and also known as dirty boxing, this is one of the best martial arts for weight loss. Not only that, but it’s incredibly effective in […] More

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    10 of The Most Useless Martial Arts

    10 of the most useless martial arts aren’t necessarily bad when exercising. But in a fight, yeah, they’re useless. Aikido The fancy wristlocks and takedowns look cool in Hollywood movies. But in a real fight, this isn’t going to be effective, let alone useful. Sumo Wrestling If you’re a football player and plan on going […] More

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    10 Benefits of Walking Instead of Running

    Brocreative/ Walking is often celebrated as a gentle yet effective form of exercise, accessible to a wide range of individuals regardless of age or fitness level. Unlike running, which can be high-impact and daunting for those with joint concerns or those just starting their fitness journey, walking provides a low-impact alternative that can still confer […] More

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    Seven Ways To Get Fit in NYC

    New York City really is the city that never sleeps.  And that goes for fitness as well.  Whether you’re in NYC for a trip, at home, or just meandering through Central Park, no matter what time of day it is, you’ll see people trying to work out.  Night time isn’t just about Broadway and dinner.  […] More

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    10 Workouts that Can Burn a Ridiculous Amount of Fat

    The problem with working out is that most people are doing it the wrong way. You’re exercising in a way that’s not enjoyable, not effective and not showing results. And when you hate what you’re doing, you’re not seeing and progress and you feel as if you are doing nothing more than wasting your time, […] More

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    Five Martial Arts Moves That are Great For Any Workout

    It’s not for everyone, but martial arts is a great sports for those who are looking to do a little bit of something different and add some dimension to their everyday workouts. Come on, you’ve noticed how good the men and women who practice this technique look; check out Jessica Alba, for instance. She has […] More

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