15 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Back


Your back muscles are an integral part of your body. They provide the necessary support for your spine, allowing you to stand tall, move quickly, and exude confidence. Neglecting these muscles can lead to back pain, poor posture, and injury. Therefore, it’s crucial to take care of this area. By performing 15 easy exercises, you can strengthen your back muscles, eliminate back pain, correct your posture, and achieve a toned, sculpted back that looks great and functions effortlessly.

Superman Exercise


Channel your inner superhero with this deceptively simple move. Extend your arms and legs while lying flat on your stomach. Lift your chest, head, and arms slightly off the ground, squeezing your back muscles. Hold for a second, then slowly lower back down.

Bent-Over Rows


Grab some dumbbells and give your lats (the wings of your back) the ultimate workout. The Bent-Over Rows are easy to do, even for beginners. Hinge forward from the hips, back flat, and row those weights towards your belly, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Lat Pulldowns 


Hit the cable machine and get pulling! Seated lat pulldowns are the bread and butter of back training. Keep your core engaged and pull that bar towards your sternum for maximum lat activation.

Seated Cable Rows

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Another cable favorite is seated cable rows that work your entire back while reinforcing good posture, a key element of overall health. Sit upright, engage your core, and row those handles back, squeezing your shoulder blades at the end.

Reverse Flyes

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Show off those sculpted rear delts and add shape to your back with reverse flyes. Grab some lighter dumbbells, hinge forward slightly, and raise the weights to your sides, squeezing at the top.

Dumbbell Shrugs

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Pay attention to your traps! Stand upright, holding dumbbells at your sides, and shrug your shoulders towards your ears. Pause at the top, and slowly lower back down for maximum trap burn.

Inverted Rows


No pull-up bar, no problem! To perform an inverted row, use a sturdy table or chair. With your hands shoulder-width apart, bring your chest towards the bar while maintaining a straight posture. For optimal results, do this exercise at least twice a week.

Back Extensions 

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With back extensions, you can strengthen your often-neglected erector spinal muscles. Using a workout bench or ball, crouch and lower your upper body to the ground before raising back up.

Yoga Back Poses


Yoga isn’t just for flexibility; certain poses like locust and upward-facing dog provide an amazing back-strengthening, posture-improving workout. Start with a warm-up, then do a set of each pose, and finish with a cool-down to target your back muscles effectively and safely.

Resistance Band Pull Aparts


Using a simple resistance band, mimic a rowing motion by anchoring the band, pulling your hands apart, and squeezing your shoulder blades. This exercise makes a great warm-up or burnout exercise!

Wall Angels


Stand with your back flat against a wall. Keeping your core engaged, slowly slide your arms up the wall, reaching overhead like an angel. Hold for a second, then return to the starting position.



Start standing, then walk your hands out to a plank. Do a push-up if you’d like, then inch your feet towards your hands. Stand back up and repeat for killer core and back engagement.

Bird Dogs


Get down on all fours and engage your core as you extend the opposite arm and leg. Hold for two seconds, focusing on not arching or sagging your back. Switch sides and feel those stabilizers firing!



Channel your inner strength with this compound powerhouse. Whether you do the conventional or Romanian variation, deadlifts hit every part of your back while working your entire posterior chain.



Burning up the pool lanes with the backstroke or butterfly doesn’t just make you a well-rounded athlete. Both strokes emphasize a strengthened back to power you through the water efficiently.


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