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    Does Dye in Children’s Food Cause Behavioral Problems?

    Telling your kids they can’t have icing on their cake or anything that looks even remotely appetizing to them isn’t going to earn you any points in the parenting department – in the eyes of your kids. Unfortunately, the effects of children’s food dyes are real. According to Dr. David Katz of Yale, studies have […] More

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    Help Your Child Get That Stubborn Baby Tooth Out

    Dealing with a baby tooth should be no big deal.  The tooth gets loose, the child pulls it out, the tooth fairy does her part and everybody is happy.  Easy as pie, right?  Not always. Every now and then, your child will have a baby tooth that just will not want to come out.  It […] More

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    Help Your Child To Be Prepared For An Immunization

    Although we know that an immunization is for our child’s benefit, they do not always understand that.  Depending upon their age, their understanding is limited.  Even when they get a bit older the idea of an immunization is not their idea of fun.  I have learned a few tricks along the way to help my […] More

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    What To Do If Your Child Suffers From Motion Sickness

    Motion sickness is something that many children get from time to time when they spend an extended amount of time in a vehicle.  However, for some children, motion sickness can occur in very short trips as well.  The type of road that you are traveling on usually makes a difference.  Generally, motion sickness occurs more […] More

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    Tips To Help You Prevent Your Children From Getting Cavities

    We all want to prevent our children from getting cavities.  We want them to have the best dental health possible.  So what can we do to help them prevent cavities? This is an appropriate time to discuss the damage that sugar does to our children’s teeth with today being Halloween.  Sugar is a known cause […] More

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    Pop Warner: Taking Steps to Keep Kids Safer on the Field

    Pop Warner: It’s what children’s dreams are made of. Little boys eagerly await the month of September when their favorite college and pro football teams are back on television battling it out with rivals to win the coveted championship. Little girls can’t wait to see the cheerleaders on the sidelines, wearing their sparkly uniforms and […] More

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    The Importance of Structure and Routine for Children

    Structure and routine are so vital for children. It might not sound like a lot of fun when you say it, but the more structure and the more routine your children have in their life, the happier and more well-adjusted they will be. Children who know what to expect and know what is expected of […] More

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    Head Lice: What Parents Need to Know

    The topic of head lice is not one you ever want brought up in your home, but the fact of the matter is that if you have children in school, sports or who have friends they spend time with; they’re at risk for getting lice. These gross and horrible little creatures live in the hair […] More

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    15 Reasons Vaccinations are Important for Children

    The debate and controversy surrounding childhood vaccinations seems to be never-ending. However, the fact remains that no matter how you slice it, not utilizing these important vaccinations puts your children at risk. It puts more than just your children at risk; it puts my children at risk. While I will personally never understand the reasoning […] More

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    Poor Child Sleep Habits Negatively Affect Your Entire Family

    Your child’s sleep habits affect your family in a number of ways. Not only does a well-rested infant, toddler or preschooler perform better at activities throughout the day, she’s also more pleasant, less cranky and she’s likely well-behaved. Additionally, a well-rested child makes for a happy household, non sleep-deprived parents and a happier mood all […] More

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    3 Tips for Dealing With Your Sick Toddler

    When one of your kids becomes sick, it’s the worst feeling in the world for you as a parent. Not only does it make your heartache to watch your little one as she battles illness, it’s difficult to deal with a sick child in general. Unlike adults, small children don’t always know how to tell […] More

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