Tips To Help You Prevent Your Children From Getting Cavities

We all want to prevent our children from getting cavities.  We want them to have the best dental health possible.  So what can we do to help them prevent cavities?

This is an appropriate time to discuss the damage that sugar does to our children’s teeth with today being Halloween.  Sugar is a known cause of cavities and when it comes in the form of chewy, sticky candy, the danger is even more so because it sticks to the teeth.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with your child enjoying Halloween candy.  But make sure that they clean their teeth properly afterward.  It is also a good idea to set a limit on how much candy they can have and don’t let it hang around for months.  Keep Halloween candy for a few days and then let it disappear.  You can take it to your office or send it to your husbands or simply trash it.  The cost of throwing it in the trash is much less than a dental bill from cavities.

Make sure that your children are brushing their teeth properly.  Have you took time to talk to them about how to brush their teeth? Let them watch you demonstrate.  Also, it is a good idea not to send your children to brush their teeth without supervising them from time to time.  Check on them to make sure they are really brushing.  If your child is young, say younger than school age, you may even want to help them with the job.

In addition to brushing, visit the dentist regularly for dental cleaning, provide them with dental floss and fluoride to use when they take care of their dental hygiene. Although most children don’t like to floss, most do enjoy using fluoride.

This article by Kids Health can give you even more information on helping your child prevent cavities and have healthy, strong teeth.


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