The Five Most Peaceful Cities to Live In

Packing lunches, ironing clothes, walking the dog/cleaning the litter box, making dinner, looking over homework, working, keeping the house clean, showering, brushing your teeth, taking the kids to rehearsal/recital/practice/games/clubs and still finding time to breathe during the day keep you pretty busy, don’t you think? Life is hectic; there is no question about that. Trust me, I work from home writing fabulous and witty articles and I have two kids under the age of four and I have not one spare second. I write with my 14 month old in my lap, with my three year old begging me to go to school (I really thought I’d be an emotional wreck leading up to her starting preschool but I’m actually counting down the days like a kid at Christmas…three hours of school for her will coincide with our youngest daughter’s naptime. Heaven.) and while my husband is sending me text after text telling me he loves me, asking about the girls and telling me about his day (as if I won’t see him a little after 5 pm).

In between that I still have to find time to play with my kids, feed them, clean them, read to them, teach them and have a lot of fun with them. The house has to be cleaned, the (never-ending) laundry must be washed, the dishes cleaned and the groceries shopped for. By the end of the day I’m ready to forgo the wine glass and just drink straight from the bottle (classy, I know, but it’s one less dish to worry about. Moms will get me on this one). Sometimes I dream about a peaceful life; a simpler life. One day I’ll have one, but for now I’ll enjoy the chaos. However, for women who are looking to live a peaceful life, try one of the 5 most peaceful cities in the country.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

It’s pretty. It has a low crime rate and poverty level and the architecture is just lovely. A university town, this place is crawling with intellectuals, which means there are bookstores everywhere. What could be more peaceful than living among the books and the coffee shops?

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Okay, all I can think about here is turning into a Real Housewife (perhaps I could move here and replace Teresa Guidice? She seems to be losing her grip on reality at a rapid pace…). However, this city has a low homicide rate, low crime rate, high law-enforcement ratio and a low incarceration rate (a critic might argue that the criminals in New Brunswick simply haven’t gotten caught. Perhaps they are intellectuals from Cambridge.) However, fall in New Brunswick is practically the most beautiful place on earth.

Seattle, Washington

Once again, low crime rates and all that safety jazz. Seattle has a lot of coffee (perhaps that’s why the people who live here are so peaceful). Though with all the rain the population of Seattle has to consist of nothing but men; I don’t know a single woman who would be this peaceful with the constant battle of frizz they must live with. That said, the green mountains and beautiful blue water sure would make me happy, and they are visible from most of the city.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

All right, what’s with all the wintery places? I’m not sure I could be this peaceful freezing to death, but I am a Florida girl, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count. Again, low crime rates, which is apparently what makes a city peaceful (criminals want to be warmer, I think). Minneapolis is a city driven by 19 Fortune 500 companies, which means plenty of people are employed (okay, that would make most people happy) and with a lot of shopping, entertainment and other fun stuff to do, it is a place people love to live.

Peabody, Massachusetts

Two Massachusetts towns in the top five is pretty impressive. This is a small town, which apparently people find peaceful. With approximately 50,000 residents and proximity of only 20 miles to Boston, Peabody is a tight knit community with a lot of small town values (and the gossip is probably pretty good, too). The real reason Peabody is so peaceful is because it has one of the lowest tax rates in the entire region. That’s really all it takes to make people peaceful.


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