Five Times Why It’s Better to be a Woman than a Man

It never fails to make you roll your eyes and consider someone a little more of an idiot than when they say something like, “You run like a girl” or “You throw like a girl”. It’s almost as if they’ve forgotten that girls are pretty awesome and that not all men are very good runners or ball players. In fact, what would a man think if a woman looked at him and said, “Wow! You cook like a woman!”? He’d probably be pretty offended, even though you were just trying to compliment him on his decadent dessert baking abilities. Men, it’s time to man up; playing college football or in the Super Bowl is pretty cool, but sometimes being a woman is just hands down entirely more fun than being a man. And sometimes, women are just better at some things.  Here are five time it’s better to be a woman than a man.

Women Age Better

Studies have shown that as women age, they become better looking. Men, however, stay the same. Sorry guys, we may run like girls but at least we look good doing it.

Women are Better Drivers

Despite what men like to think, women are better drivers. A recent study has shown that men are, sadly, 77 percent more likely to pass away in a car accident than women. The next time your man rolls his eyes when you nag him to put on his seatbelt, slow down or stop tailgating, remind him of this fact.

Women are More Driven

Female college enrollment is higher than male college enrollment, but women are also more likely to graduate with their college degree than men. Additionally, women are more recession-proof than men. The vast majority of jobs that have been lost since the recession began belong to men. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider female dominated fields such as nursing and educating, men?

Women Treat Their Bodies Better

A healthy body leads to a healthier life, which means women will live longer, healthier lives than men because they eat better. Women are far better eaters than men, choosing the healthier option more often than not when eating.

Women Have Stronger Immune Systems

Knock yourselves out, gentlemen; make fun of us when we are grouchy. Make jokes about it being “that time of the month” or tell us we are hormonal and laugh about it. The truth is, estrogen may make us a little crazy from time to time, but at least we are crying like babies when we have a little sniffle. Estrogen is a woman’s secret weapon for fighting illness; it makes a woman’s immune system stronger, which is why we are able to function when we have a cold, whereas men are lying on the couch telling their wives which of their friends they want to have their sports paraphernalia when they don’t make it through their sniffles.

Men, don’t get us wrong; we love you. We really do, but sometimes it’s just so much fun to point out that running like a girl isn’t such a bad thing. Girls are badass and most of us would rather run like one (which is pretty darn good, I might add) and live longer than spend every flu season curled up in bed certain that one more sneeze will do us in.


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