15 Ways to Be a Better Parent to Your Children


Every parent has a moment in which they think that they need to be a better parent. Perhaps they’ve had an off day and not been the best parent they can be. Perhaps they’ve just felt that they could do better. No matter what your reasons, you can always be a better parent to your child and you might be surprised just how simple it really is to do just that. Read on for 15 ways you can become a better parent.


Don’t Label

It’s a common trait we parents possess; the desire to label our kids. While most of us do it in a way we think is appropriate, “My child is a genius/beauty queen/leader/shy,” it can still cause damage to the child. Labels are what kids begin to believe of themselves, and even if they’re good, they might be false, which could cause your child to suffer from other issues.


Don’t Compare

Who cares if Sally down the street’s kid crawled when he was 2 months and spoke full sentences by 6 months? Let’s face it; Sally’s kid is obviously a genius of some epic proportions (or Sally is a big fat liar) and your kid will learn and develop on his own.

Extended happy family standing in the park.

Follow Through

Maybe disciplining your child doesn’t seem like being a better parent, but it is. When your child is misbehaving and you threaten her with discipline; you have to walk the walk. You can’t just talk the talk. It’ll make you a much better parent.


Allow Mistakes

Hey, we all break things and spill things and do things incorrectly. Guess what? Mistakes are pretty awesome if you think about. They’re real life lessons. What do you learn from? Lessons! What happens when you make a mistake? You learn a lesson and don’t do it again!


Give Hugs

Spontaneous hugs and kisses are the best. Kids love it when mom and dad grab them with a bear hug for absolutely no reason other than overwhelming love and affection.



The best parents listen. They hear their kids and they understand their kids – or maybe not, if you’ve ever tried to converse with my 2.5-year-old, but you still listen.

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smiling

Be Spontaneous

Schedules and routines are every parent and child’s dream; but sometimes the way to be the best possible parent is to forget routine and schedule and take the kids out for ice cream and a movie at 8 pm on a Friday night instead of sending them to bed.


Be a Good Husband/Wife

One of the best ways to be a better parent is by being a good spouse. The model you provide your children of marriage is important. What they see you do is what they will do when they are in a relationship one day.



Good parents smile; a lot. Laugh with your kids. Laugh with your spouse, just laugh. Laughter is good for all involved and it helps to bring you closer together.



Be close to your kids. Talk to them. Don’t shut them out. Listen to them, be honest with them and open up about what’s going on in the world, in life and in the house you all live in together. Kids aren’t dumb and they resent parents who don’t talk to them.


Set Expectations

Good parents are not friends; they’re also not enforcers. They’re expectant. They expect certain behaviors and they expect certain achievements. Make sure your expectations are well known and not over the top.


Have Fun

You don’t have to provide your kids with elaborate vacations or trips; you can have fun at home for next to nothing. Take your kids to the pumpkin patch or to the dollar movie or bake cookies together. Do something that makes them happy and you’ll have fun.

Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Practice Selflessness

One way to be a much better parent is to practice selflessness in your home, life and marriage. When your kids see you giving to others and behaving in a way that’s not all about you, it sets a good example and it makes them feel good.


Be Calm

The best parents are calm. They don’t lose their patience – what I mean is that they don’t allow their kids to see they’ve lost their patience – they handle everything with class and elegance and remain calm when disaster or annoyance strikes.


Remember That Kids Aren’t Bad or Evil

They’re behavior might be, but their personality is never in question when it comes to good parenting. To become a better parent, remember that your child is not bad or awful or out of control. Her current behavior might be, but she is not. That is a point that helps when disciplining and maintaining your patience.


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