Life’s Little Problems: Solved

Find a woman who isn’t interested in making life as simple as possible and I will take scissors to my favorite pair of Louboutins. Oh yes, I am fairly confident that women want to make life simple. Cutting back on stress, saving a little time and multi-tasking are just common nature to us females, which is why these ingenious tips are going to change your life. You can thank me now, or you can wait until you’ve read these glorious tips; it’s up to you.

Oily Skin

Carrying around blotting papers and constantly digging your powder compact out of your handbag to banish oily skin is such a pain. Trust me; I do it about 567 times a day. What if I told you that applying a thin layer of cornstarch over your makeup as a finishing touch would prevent you from having oily skin for the majority of the day? Well, it will.

Breaking In New Shoes

Let’s go back a minute to the Louboutins I was just talking about. They are my favorite pair of shoes, but like any pair of new shoes they made my feet miserable the first few times I wore them. Blisters formed in those sensitive spots they weren’t yet broken in and my feet were calling me every name in the book (I ignored them and continued to wear the shoes, because I’m a woman and that’s what we do). If only I’d known then what I know now; and that is that rubbing clear gel deodorant on the insides of new shoes where they so commonly blister your feet will prevent blistering!

Kiss Lipstick Stains Goodbye

One of the biggest problems I have in life is mornings when I forget to wait to put my lipstick on until after I’m already dressed. Naturally, those are the same mornings when I have a killer hair day. I’m then left to choose between ruining my hair as I slip on my dress or risk smudging lipstick all over the collar as I slip it on. Decisions, decisions. Fortunately, I’ve learned that spraying lipstick stains with hair spray and letting it sit for 10 minutes before rubbing it down with a damp towel will remove the stains. Problem solved.

Wet Nails

As soon as your nails are wet something will happen that requires your hands; and ruins your fresh manicure. Not anymore; now you can dry your nails in record time. Simply apply cooking spray to your nails and watch them dry in record time. Now you’re free to save the world without risking your manicure.


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