Four Little Ways to Feel More Beautiful

Every day is a beautiful day; unless it’s not. Since every day can’t be perfect women tend to try to improve less than perfect days using small tricks that help to boost their confidence, their mood or the day in general. Living the good life means making choices and revisions. When a woman wakes up and chooses to have a good day she’s more willing to revise the negative parts so that they seem less significant. The best part about this feminine trait? The smallest revisions make the biggest difference in a woman’s beautiful day. Here are four little ways to feel more gorgeous.

Brighten Your Face

What woman doesn’t feel a little better when she looks in the mirror and sees her glowing, gorgeous skin? Exactly, which is why adding just a touch of concealer to four important points on your face will have your day looking up in no time. Dab concealer on the dark inner corners of your eyes, the outer corners of your eyes, both sides of your nostrils and either side of your mouth for a look that is younger, brighter and more gorgeous than ever.

Get a Tan

No, this doesn’t mean you need to head to the tanning bed; you know that’s a major health and beauty no-no. However, adding a few drops of bronzer to your lotion and applying it to your body every morning after your shower will give you a glow that can only improve your mood. Research shows that women who have a little color feel more confident and more beautiful than when they don’t.

Clean Your Wallet

Clutter makes you feel rushed and hectic, even if it’s clutter as small as your wallet or handbag. Once a week set aside a few minutes to sort out receipts, get rid of empty gum wrappers and pour your loose change from the bottom of your bag into your piggy bank. Your clean bag and wallet will have you feeling more in control and less chaotic (really, I can honestly tell you that organizing my handbag and wallet is one of my go-to feel good moves…works every time).

Make Eye Contact

When you aren’t feeling as powerful and amazing as you usually are all you have to do is make eye contact. When you lock eyes with the person you are speaking to you seem more confident to them. Knowing they see only your confidence will raise your own.


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