Two Small Ways to Save Big

It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are with your finances, just about everyone is eager to save more money. What if we told you that you can save a significant amount of money every year? You’d probably think we are about to tell you to cancel your cable, carpool, stop eating dinner out and start couponing. While you can save money this way, you can also save money on your monthly bills. That got your attention, didn’t it? Here are two very easy ways you can cut down and save big on unnecessary items you are paying for every month.

Check your Cell Plan

Are you paying hundreds of dollars each month for your family’s cell phones? The answer to this question is probably a resounding, “Yes”. Wireless plans are expensive, but there are ways to cut down. Take a look at your bill. Do you pay $20 per month, per line for unlimited text messages? Now look at the past six months bills; is anyone sending a significant amount of texts? If you have kids or teens, yes, they probably are which means paying that extra $20 is far less expensive than paying per text. However, if you and your spouse send less than 500 texts each month you can drop both of your unlimited text plans and pay for the basic plan, which is a $15 per line savings. That’s $30 saved each month. Additionally, if you pay to have 1,800 minutes, consider this: Many wireless plans, such as Verizon provide unlimited mobile to mobile calling between Verizon plans. If 90 percent of the people you talk to use Verizon, consider switching, paying for a smaller plan and talking free of charge.

Internet, Phone and Cable

Instead of paying for each individually, group them together and pay for one plan instead of three. It is much less expensive to go this route. Say your home phone costs $45 per month, your wireless internet costs $60 per month and your cable bill is $100 per month. You are spending $205 per month on these three things when you could spend $125 on all three.

Yes, turning off the lights when you exit a room is a great way to conserve energy and lower your electric bill, but doing both of these will save you even more. Think about it, changing your text messaging plan alone for two of your lines saves $30 per month, which is a grand total of $360 per year!


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