10 Movies That Will Make You Want to Travel

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Movies are a magical experience for all who watch them. This is not to say, by any means, that movies are amazing for all who watch them given the person and the movie, but you know what we mean. For everyone, there is always that one movie that really just speaks volumes, that makes you wonder about your life, and that provides you with the overwhelming urge to go ahead and make changes in your life. One of the most powerful things movies can do is make you want to travel. They’re a great way to see the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, but they also serve as inspiration. Seeing what happens to the characters, how they transform and what the world does to them as they explore not only other cities and countries but their own hearts, minds and feelings is a beautiful journey that we all want to take when we finish a movie. And these movies can also serve as a great inspiration for your next travel plans. If you’re stuck on where you want to go and you need some inspiration, let one of these 10 movies inspire you to travel somewhere beautiful, amazing and absolutely breathtaking. It’ll change your life.

Lost in Translation

It’s here that you will find a movie star and a newlywed become friends while in Tokyo. They really do find that their friendship is one of relativity. They’re not people you would put together and expect a relationship to grow. They are different ages, they come from different backgrounds and they want and have different things in life. However, the movie inspires you to want to travel to see what you’re missing in your own life.

7 Years in Tibet

For obvious reasons, this movie shows just how beautiful places you might not otherwise consider can really be. But what makes this movie so inspirational as far as travel is concerned is the solitude that it portrays. It’s the kind of film that proves to you that you should take the time to be alone for a while and really learn a lot about yourself. It’s a wonderful film.

Bourne Identity Movies

Let’s face it; these are awesome movies. And they really do make you want to get up and see the world. The beauty, the dark places and the excitement that comes with being somewhere unknown to you is a great way to inspire you to want to move somewhere, even if only for a few weeks so that you can get to know what life is like outside your comfort zone.

Sex and the City

When the fab four make a trip to the Middle East we can’t help but want to go with them. All of a sudden a place that seems a bit scary and unfamiliar becomes a trendy location in which people go to have a good time, bond with their friends and ironically run into past loves and find themselves in a complicated situation. Regardless, the movie does show off that sometimes you get somewhere and things are not as you expect.

Something’s Gotta Give

The premise of this movie is watching Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves all fall in love, but the real deal is that beach house in the Hamptons. Who does not want to head up the east coast and fall in love somewhere this amazing and this beautiful? It’s such a gorgeous place, the weather is amazing and sometimes scary and the views are to die for.

Nights in Rodanthe

We have a thing for Nicholas Sparks movies and books and his affinity for the east coast off the Carolinas. Maybe it’s because we spend a great deal of time there in my family since my father-in-law lives along the North Carolina coast not too far from Sparks’ hometown of New Bern, but all of these beautiful movies with the gorgeous southern backdrops make me want to head here, buy a big country home and retire. In fact, it inspired me to buy a big country home right here in the middle of a gated community in Florida where it’s just not all that common, but it’s my own little dream and slice of paradise.

The Devil Wears Prada

The high-fashion world that is New York City is shown off so well in this film. Even if it makes you realize that your life is nowhere near as exciting in comparison, it also shows off that you can go and chase your dreams and head somewhere you’ve never been to do something you’ve never done. It’s all possible thanks to travel.

The Holiday

It’s here that we learn that life at home is sometimes not perfect, but that you can change your entire world by leaving. A California woman travels to London to trade homes with a woman who is going through her own crisis and both manage to change their entire life in the process. If that doesn’t inspire you to want to travel, I don’t know what does.

Under the Tuscan Sun

If you have not seen this movie, do it now. It’s one of the best movies around, and it’s so inspirational. This is a movie that makes me want to hop on a plane and head straight to Tuscany to buy a falling apart home on a vineyard so that I can change my life. Of course, I have a husband and four kids so it wouldn’t be all that practical or even all that much fun without them, but a girl can imagine what it might be like, right?

Eat, Pray, Love

We cannot talk movies that inspire you to want to travel without first discussing this one, can we? The movie about a woman who literally just eats and drinks and prays and enjoys time away doing things that most of us could never do in our lives is just what the doctor ordered, and it’s just what we all need from time to time in our own lives. You’ll want go get out and see the world after this one.

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