Want to Be Comfy? Try One of These Five Best Pillows

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A good night’s sleep is always the key to being happy and healthy. Many factors revolve around giving you a good night’s sleep – for starters, a great pillow is important to have! Yes, there is definitely a right and wrong pillow. The wrong pillow can cause headaches, bring you neck pain and cause sleepless nights. The right pillow for you would depend on a few things: how you sleep, how you like pillows (soft, firm, big, small) as well as what your body tells you it likes. The best pillows for you can be relatively, but there are also tried-and-true universally great ones out there.

Here are the five best pillows on the market now:

1. Beyond Down Side Sleeper Pillow

For side sleepers, this is heavenly! The pillow has an extra wide gusset, offering up support at the base of the neck and has an almost down-like feel.

2. Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow

This pillow accommodates all sleeping types and offers up pressure relieving support. It supports the head and neck muscles well and allows the muscles around the shoulder and neck areas to relax. No stiff neck here!

3. Wamsutta Comfort Medium Support

This inexpensive pillow is great for stomach sleepers. It not only has the ideal balance of support as well as cushiness – is also maintains its appearance after being washed in the laundry and is quite durable.

4. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Pillow

Who doesn’t love memory foam?! This pillow has two layers to it: the bottom layer is a firm memory foam support for the head, neck and shoulders, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep; the top layer is a cooling memory foam that is sure to keep a comfortable temperature for you all night long.

5. Pacific Coast Double DownAround Medium Pillow

This is a pillow within a pillow: there’s an inner pillow with feathers inside a down-filled sleeve. It is available in both soft and firm versions and is known to be very comfortable and durable.

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