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    20 Surprising Ways to Look Younger Than You Are

    If there is one thing that all women want, it’s to look younger the older we get. Our lives are a series of ironies that are certainly not lost on us. We spend the vast majority of our adolescence dying to look older and more mature but as we finally begin to look older and […] More

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    Makeup Artist Transforms Her Mouth Into Cartoon Characters

    Women use their makeup techniques in more ways than us men can count.  And often times what you ladies can do with lipstick, a brush, and whatever else you use is a complete miracle.  But what we just came across is something you don’t see every single day. This artist combined the use of her […] More

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    10 Makeup Products With SPF Protection for a Safe Summer

    Skin cancer, age spots or a heavy breakout? No thanks; I’ll pass on all of the above. So how am I supposed to keep my skin looking radiant and gorgeous in the summer sun? I’ll tell you a little secret that really shouldn’t be a secret. We should be wearing sunscreen every single day of […] More

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    10 Beauty Products From Trader Joe’s That are Worth Trying Out

    What I love most about Trader Joe’s – aside from their gorgeous Tulips – is the fact that how people view this store varies so significantly from coast to coast. When in southern California, residents visit this place for their very cheap items and their inexpensive wines. When in my home state of Florida, people […] More

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    The Strangest Celebrity Beauty Secrets You’ll Find Right at Home

    Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar; they’re all actresses with several things in common, including the fact that we’ve been watching them on television and in the movies for decades. And there is one thing that we’ve noticed about each of these lovely, and very talented, women; they do not age one bit. They […] More

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    Five Eco-Friendly Products that Can Also Transform Your Skin

    What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time? Is it their hair? Their clothes? Their skin? While your first thought is very likely related to appearance, a person’s skin is one of the first things you notice when you initially meet them, and probably every time […] More

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