Three Micro Braid Styles to Try for the Holidays


If you aren’t familiar with micro braids, you are definitely missing out! Micro braids are essentially the hairstyles they sound like: a lot of tiny, delicate braids that are tightly woven into hair.  They generally last you a few months, as long as you take good care of it; it is a labor intensive and a very long process to do. While it’s popular in the African American community, micro braids bring an elegant look and can be done on any type of hair. However, because the style is so demanding on the hair and can potentially be harmful to certain hair, those with brittle hair or sensitive scalps might want to forgo getting micro braids. While mostly African American women are seen with micro braids, in Western society, it’s suitable for both male and female hair.

Here are some micro braid styles to try for the upcoming holidays:

High Bun

Buns aren’t just for straight or wavy hair- you can also make micro braids into a bun, including a high bun. The only difference is that with the braids, your hair just won’t be as perfectly flat as you may want. This hairstyle isn’t a quick one, which is why you should probably save it for a special occasion, like the holidays!


While most pompadour hairstyles as of late usually are only used for bangs, you can also do a pompadour style with a head full of microbraids. You use only half of your hair to do this look, but it’s just as great as it is for straight, wavy or even curly hair. Leave it with just the pompadour with the rest of the hair down, or you could also add a ponytail to the pomp style to give it a little sass.


While it may sound redundant to have a braid hairstyle with a bunch of micro braids, it can actually look super cute, especially for your younger ones! It’s a fairly easy hairstyle to do, as long as you know how to do a simple braid and have a bit of patience, you’re good to go!

(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)


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