The Only Sock Bun Tutorial That You Need to See


Buns have been a pretty solid hairstyle throughout history – they just never seem to go out of style! From casual to formal events, this style has been through it all and rightfully so, as they are super versatile. In recent times, the sock bun has been on the forefront for up-do hairstyles The sock bun can easily take you from a daytime work look to a night out with friends – even a date night look – all while looking perfectly polished. There’s no other hairstyle that looks quite as elegant or classy than a sock bun. Aside from looking put together, this hairstyle can also work on a lazy day when you don’t want to do anything fancy to your hair – especially when you do not want to wash it. It’s very low maintenance and requires zero heat, making this the perfect hairstyle.

The video below is pretty much the only sock bun tutorial that you’ll ever need to see. There are many out there, but none as easy and thorough as this one. Various sock bun tutorials require different items to execute the bun – some needing more items than others, which can prolong the time spent to do it. All sock bun tutorials require a sock to do its namesake bun, which can be done yourself or can also be purchased at a beauty supply store. All you need for this simple tutorial is one long sock, scissors to cut off the toe of the sock, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, a hair tie and hairspray. The best way to do this is with a day or two-day old hair that’s a bit dirty in order to have a better holding of your tresses. It’s simple really; all you have to do is put your hair in a tall and super-tight ponytail, and then roll your hair down on the sock, tucking and rolling it down until the end. How easy is that?!

Here’s the only sock bun video you need to see:

(Photo Source: YouTube)


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