Pink Nail Designs that are Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as women, it’s an important month that allows us to increase awareness of the disease. Many women, including celebrities, show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink (the official color for the cause) as much as they can, including incorporating it into their daily wardrobe, dyeing their hair, even something as simple as having pink painted nails! Painting your nails is a simple action that many of us can do, no matter how short or long our nails are – and they don’t have to just be plain pink. There are many pink nail designs that can match your mood and taste; after all, nail art is all the rage these days, no matter your age.

Here are five pink nail designs that are perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Pink and Black Retro Nails

These two-toned nails that are both edgy and retro may look hard to execute but they are actually pretty simple. All you need is any shade of pink polish (but the brighter, the better), a black polish, and lots of masking tape for each of your fingers.

Pink and Black Lace Nails

These nails will most likely require the assistance of a friend, but it is definitely worth it! It really looks more complex than it really is, but all you need is a pink polish, a black polish and a striping brush – and the help of a pal! The finished product is pretty incredible and is perfect for a date night out.

Pink and Black Lace Corset Bow Nails

While nail art is a major trend these days, it doesn’t mean every single nail has to be the same. One accent nail with the art on it on each hand is also a trend. Simply paint your nails the same color pink but on your ring fingers, decorate your nail with nail art. This one is the perfect example of a great accent nail art design.

Barbie Pink Nails With Rhinestones

Another great example of a great accent nail, this nail design has rhinestones adorning the ring finger. All you need is a base coat, your favorite Barbie pink polish, some pink rhinestones, and a top coat. This easy nail design is also quite ideal for those with short nails.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

Of course, no Breast Cancer Awareness nails list is complete without a Breast Cancer Awareness nail design! All you need is your favorite pink hue polish, a white polish, a toothpick/bobby pin and a fine tipped brush to create stripes for the nail art. Also, don’t forget to end with a top coat!

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