The Five Minute Makeup Look

Every woman should have a five-minute makeup look in her beauty arsenal that allows her to be out the door and on her way when she is in a hurry.  Of course it is always better to have an hour to spend on hair and makeup but let’s face it, that’s not always reality.  And for those days when it’s not, this is what you need to get out the door.

You need a mineral powder foundation, which is like a foundation and powder rolled into one.  The coverage is more sheer than traditional foundation but is enough that it still gives you a polished look.

A taupe colored eyeshadow is universally flattering to blue, green, hazel and brown eyes.  Swipe just enough to be seen on, and follow with eyeliner and mascara.  Only line your eyes and put mascara on the top lashes.

The last thing you should do for your five minute makeup look is put on a sheer lip gloss and you are ready to face the day.  The goal is to give your lips enough color to look done but not spend forever on them.  Some ladies can do their lipstick quickly; I, however, can not.  I must have liner and lipstick, therefore lip gloss is the quicker of the two for me.

If given a choice due to time constraints between mascara or lipstick or lip gloss, blondes should choose mascara and brunettes the lip product.  The reason for this is that blondes typically have light eyelashes and desperately need the mascara whereas a brunette has naturally dark eyelashes.  Redheads tend to be like blondes and need the mascara more than the do a lip product.

This look can take you from bare faced to out the door in five and is a good piece of information to have tucked back for those days you are in an extreme hurry.


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