The Best Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

I happen to be an expert on this subject, having had blue eye for all of my thirty-four years, and applied eye makeup for the majority of it.  On a more serious note, I actually have had training in cosmetics and am happy to share what I learned with you.

Blue eyes are fun and you can do so much with them.  Your color choices in eye makeup are diverse and can range from the neutrals to more colorful options.  Let’s start by talking about neutrals in eye makeup.  Neutrals were made for blue eyes.  The opposite color of blue on the color wheel is orange, so naturally, brown and honey golds look wonderful on blue-eyed gals.  I like to combine a creamy tan or glittery gold with a deeper brown and add bronze or brown eyeliner.  This eye makeup choice is more of a day look.

For a more colorful look, go with purples and black eye makeup.  Yes, I said black.  The trick to using black in your eye makeup is to choose the right shade and use it very, very sparingly.  Use a light purple as your base and a charcoal shaded black only on the outer tips or in the creases, not both.  Black eyeliner is the only choice for this look and you will see why when you try it.   This is your night look; your smoky eye if you will.

For an anytime look, go for a white base and silver as your accent.  You can even get by with using a very dark green as your accent if it is glittery.  Black eyeliner works here, as well as charcoal.  This is a  good transition choice if you are going from a day obligation into night as it can be either.

One last tip; blue eyes always need to be finished off with black mascara.


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