Five Festive French Tip Nail Designs For the Holidays


While Halloween has yet to happen, many major retailers are already putting up their winter holiday decorations. It’s a big reminder that the holidays are steadily coming up and will be here before we know it. Many of us already have a Halloween costume ready for the most part – or at least know what we are going to be. This gives us a lot of time to contemplate and plan for the fun things we’ll be doing to get into the spirit of Christmas and the holidays. One way we ladies like to get festive is by adorning our nails with polish and art – and many of us enjoy a good French tip! What better way to celebrate the season combining French tips with our favorite nail designs?!

Here are five festive French Tip nail designs to try for the holidays:

Classic Candy Cane French Tip

Make your fingertips looking pepperminty fresh with this simple yet classic candy cane French tip design. All you need is a clear base coat, a base polish (a light pink works well!), a white polish, a red polish and a clear topcoat. It’s perfect to wear for any holiday party!

Holiday French Tip

This simple red and green French tip is very festive and super easy to do. All you need a base coat, a light colored polish, a red polish and a green polish and a small nail art brush for the green polish and a top coat. Get into the spirit of the holidays with this fun French tip design!

Poinsettia French Tip

There’s no other plant that screams Christmas louder than a poinsettia! Have your fingertips be as beautiful as ever with this flower-inspired French tips. You will need a gold polish, pink polish, white polish, a thin brush and a pink rhinestone to be placed in the middle as a focal point.

Holiday Lights French Tip

Have your fingers twinkling like the little lights that they are with these holiday lights tips! You need quite a bit of materials for this one, including a base coat, a light colored polish, a white polish, a black polish, a small nail art polish to draw the squiggly cord, a pointed brush for the various lights and blue polish, green polish, red polish, and purple polish for the lights as well as a top coat.

Christmas Present French Tip

To get this beautiful present French tip, start by putting on a red tip on your nails. Then, using a green polish, make a bow sitting in the middle of the nail. Using a small pick or pointed nail brush, put a small red dot in the middle of the bow. Go over the red part of the nail as well as the inside of the bow with a sparkly coat. This is a lovely French tip nail design that is great for any type of nails!

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