How to Cut Side Swept Bangs Like the Pros


Visiting a salon to get your hair cut can be quite the pricey trip these days, even if your hair is as short as can be. Even splurging on one decent haircut at a salon once or twice a year can get pretty expensive, which can ring even more true if you have a cut that needs to consistently be touched up every once in a while. Most of the time, you can actually just cut your hair yourself, especially if it’s just a trim an inch or two off the bottom. With videos and tutorials all the rage these days, hairstyles are just so easy to do it yourself. Something that everyone can learn to do should they want them is cutting their own side swept bangs.

The whole side swept bangs trend started years ago and is still as popular as ever. It’s pretty flattering and nearly every face shape looks like they’d be good contender. To begin cutting your bangs, you need to start with dry, clean hair and have a few haircutting tools handy, including scissors, razors and a fine toothed comb. You’ll then want to locate your bangs, taking a chunk of hair from the front portion and separate it. From there, this tiny section will be where you will be working, so make sure it’s where you want your bangs to fall off. Put the rest of your hair into a bun so as not to get into your face. When cutting, be sure to do it very slowly – after all, this isn’t a rice! Be sure to cut at an angle and manageable chunks of hair so it’s not too bluntly cut nor it is extremely unevenly cut – it’s just right.

Here’s the perfect video to help you in cutting side swept bangs just like the pros:

(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)


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