Where to Find Good Quality Cheap Tablecloths


Few things in life are as big a waste of money as expensive tablecloths. After all, most people use them only a handful of times each year, and spending too much on something this insignificant is just a massive waste of money you could be using to pay your children’s college tuition or to pay down your debt. Of course, we don’t love a plastic tablecloth either, so that leaves us in a bit of a bind. Buying the cheap plastic tablecloths you see in every supermarket in the world is as much of a waste because it’s just ugly (and we mean exceptionally tacky) and no one wants to eat atop plastic. So how do you cover your tables without spending a ton of money and without it ending up looking tacky? The answer is simple; you do your tablecloth shopping the right way. Not sure what the right way is? Don’t worry; we will tell you.

Shop After Holidays

We love a nice tablecloth for nice holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that’s why we love the idea of shopping for those needs after those holidays end and all the holiday items are on sale in a major way. You can get a nice tablecloth for the holiday that’s inexpensive because of the sales, but that’s made of high-quality material so it’s appropriate for the holiday season.

Shop Major Department Store Sales

Love Macys or Neiman Marcus? Shop these stores when they are having their big sales and you will likely find deals on the kind of tableware you need that won’t break the bank or leave you choosing from items that are not really up to your standards. You can also find coupon codes for items such as this that will help you save even more in the long run.

Make One

If you have any crafty skills, such as sewing, make your own tablecloths out of the cheap vinyl ones you buy for a dollar and a beautiful piece of fabric you have on hand. Sew them together to create the perfect tablecloth for any occasion and you will win on both ends; financially and stylishly.

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