The Least Healthy Items to Order at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Cold weather makes you want to hit up your favorite coffee shop for your favorite warm beverage, but boy do those drinks make it hard for you to fit into your skinny jeans. What you order at your favorite coffee shop might not seem like an unhealthy choice, but chances are it’s not good for your waistline. This doesn’t mean you have to stop ordering your favorite coffee shop items altogether; you just have to avoid the stuff that’s not so good for you.

Bran Muffins

To go with your decadent cup of coffee you might be tempted to order a bran muffin that’s sure to make you feel good. However, it’s not a good idea. Those bran muffins might seem healthier than the other muffin options in the shop, but they’re filled with calories and way more sugar than you ever thought possible. In fact, one muffin alone typically contains more than 350 calories. Still want to order one?


Again, a yogurt parfait might seem like a gorgeous side item to go with your warm cup of coffee, but it’s not good for your health. There are more grams of sugar in a parfait than in a cup of ice cream, if that gives you any indication how unhealthy they are for you.

Holiday Specialty Drinks

Anything with a pumpkin spice, cinnamon or anything else holiday-like sounds particularly delicious, but it’s filled with unhealthy additives that pack on the calories and take your ordinary cappuccino or latte and turn it into a sugar-laden, calorie-filled holiday drink that’s going to make you miserable. Even ordering your favorite hot holiday beverage in a skinny version isn’t good for your health. Who wants a cup of coffee that equates to more than 400 calories in one single serving when a regular cup of coffee doesn’t even have a quarter of that?

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