What Your Weight Says About You

Most women are guilty of being a little judgmental. Some are downright horrible about, but the truth is, we all do it from time to time – and sometimes more. Some women judge others on their choice of clothing or men, others judge on another’s parenting skills or lack of proper etiquette. Whatever the judgments are, well all have them. Most of us are pretty good at keeping our judgments to ourselves, but some are not. Unfortunately, there are many women who will judge you simply based on your weight and outward appearance. Learn what your weight says about you to other people.

Heavier Women

In a recent study performed by Glamour Magazine, results showed the people are more likely to judge a person with a little extra weight as lazy, sloppy and slow. People tend to feel that those who are overweight are slobs that cannot control their cravings. This makes them lazy, slow and stupid. Despite the mean stereotypes surrounding overweight women, there are kinder stereotypes that come off as unfair. Overweight women are more likely to be judged as kind or giving. Others think that anyone with weight has no confidence and lacks self-esteem, which makes them try hard to be kind, even when this is not the case. Overweight women are also considered smarter than thin women.

Thin Women

A thin woman is typically labeled as conceited, superficial, vain, self-centered, stupid, mean or controlling. A thin women is a first-class you-know-what. People are less likely to give her the time of day, many will assume she is promiscuous and others will think she isn’t willing to make new friends or that she is out to steal their boyfriends. However, despite the fact that overweight women are considered smarter than thin women, employers are more likely to hire a thin woman than they are an overweight woman.

Judgments and stereotypes are never nice, unless they are warranted. Now that you know what people think about you, does it change the way you will judge others? The only time it is okay to judge someone is when you know for an absolute fact that she is a first-class you-know-what or a pushover. Even then, it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself.


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