How To Help Someone With Depression

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In the light of the untimely death of comedian Robin Williams, the important topic of depression has been made aware – and for great reason! Many people in this country (and across the globe) suffer from depression in some capacity and for some reason, they are receiving or getting any help. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost one in fifteen American adults suffers from depression. Unfortunately, we find out when it’s too late after the fact when indeed we probably could have done something to help them. As someone who has depression running in the family as well as having suffered from it myself, it is a tough thing to admit and seek help for, but every little bit of reaching out can help.

Here are some ways to help someone with depression:

– Be aware that isolation is usually a symptom of depression. If you notice that a friend has been distant lately and hasn’t been out or communicating much with others, it’s a big red flag that they are most likely getting or already depressed. Don’t let them isolate themselves.

– Tell the depressed person that they are loved, deserves to feel better and will do so with the right treatment.

– Do not distance yourself from a depressed loved one. Now they need your support more than ever, especially to talk and just be there. It may be hard to be around a person who is depressed but it is important to remain in their life.

– Offer to help, whether it’s to drive them to a neurostar therapist or doctor appointments or even just to recommend resources for help.

– If you or someone you know is suicidal, call 1-800-SUICIDE

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