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    20 Signs You Drink Too Much

    There are at least 20 signs you drink too much. It’s important to recognize these before the situation becomes too late. You avoid social situations or responsibilities A heavy drinker often doesn’t want to deal with anything because it’s too difficult, they’re hungover, or both. The effects of alcohol start taking effect after prolonged usage […] More

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    20 Things Men Are Afraid To Deal With When They Get Older

    There are 20 things men are afraid to deal with when they get older. A lot of them are things men don’t want to talk about. Loss of Libido Men are afraid of losing their sex drive since this makes them feel inadequate. It’s not something they care to talk about since weakness to many […] More

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    15 Passive Aggressive Phrases You Use (Which You Shouldn’t)

    Passive-aggressive phrases might seem harmless, but they can hurt trust and make things tense in relationships. In this article, we are going to talk about 15 passive-aggressive phrases you might be using without even realizing how hurtful and resentful they can sound to others.  “Fine, whatever.” You often use this phrase as a way to […] More

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    The Inner Thoughts of Dementia Patients

    Understanding the thoughts of those with dementia deepens empathy, enhances care, and improves communication. It helps caregivers and families connect meaningfully and tailor support to their needs and emotions. Recognizing their inner world also ensures their dignity and comfort. Let’s start with understanding this condition and then take a closer look at its patients’ thoughts. […] More

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    25 Big Mistakes People Make After Losing a Spouse

    There are 25 big mistakes people make after losing a spouse. Unfortunately, some people can’t keep from making several of the same mistakes. They ignore their grief Either it’s too much for them to deal with, or they don’t process the emotional pain. But ignoring it entirely only makes things worse in the long run. […] More

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    16 Warning Signs That Show a Person Has Unhealed Trauma

    It’s important to know the 16 warning signs that show a person has unhealed trauma. This allows you to know how to speak to people. They tend to overreact People who have been subjected to abuse of one type or another over the years have learned to react instead of think at times. Sometimes the […] More

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    15 Ways Narcissists Behave When They Lose Control of You

    The 15 ways narcissists behave when they lose control of you are comical but serious. There are several ways people try to control others. They’ll start a pity party Playing the victim card is kind of risky since there’s not much else to do after this. But gaining sympathy and strengthening your emotional ties is […] More

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    20 Signs You Grew Up With a Miserable Childhood

    There are at least 20 signs you grew up with a miserable childhood when you show certain symptoms. Thanks to therapy, people can recover. They are perfectionists  The first thing to note is that not all individuals who had a miserable childhood will turn out the same. But perfectionism is warranted since it allows people […] More

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    12 Traits of a Narcissist: Identifying Patterns of Behavior

    Radharani/ Narcissism is a personality trait that ranges from self-centeredness to the severe clinical condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). This article serves as a guide to understanding the complex spectrum of behaviors and traits that are characteristic of narcissism. It’s vital to recognize the nuances that define narcissism, as it can manifest in […] More

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    How To Help Someone With Depression

    In the light of the untimely death of comedian Robin Williams, the important topic of depression has been made aware – and for great reason! Many people in this country (and across the globe) suffer from depression in some capacity and for some reason, they are receiving or getting any help. According to the National Institute of […] More

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