Five Reasons Why The Atkins Diet Doesn’t Work for Women

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There are so many diets around with many more that pop up through the years – from the master cleanse to the cabbage soup diet to low fat diet to the Paleo diet to Atkins diet.¬†When they need to lose weight really fast, many women will take to eating a low-carb diet on the Atkins diet. While some women find themselves losing a lot of weight in the first week and even the weeks to come, it usually never actually stays off because of the diet, causing the women to constantly worry about their weight – most of the time, the Atkins diet doesn’t work for women.

Here are five reasons why the Atkins diet doesn’t work for women:

1. The weight you lose comes back. Many women who do the Atkins diet are pleased to see such amazing results when they lose a lot of weight in the first week. That is because they are actually losing more water weight, which is easier to drop than fat.

2. Biologically, women cannot tolerate a high-protein, low-carb diet. Compared to men, women have lower serotonin levels – and eating carbs is what gives serotonin a lift. When you rob yourself of good carbohydrates, like those found in veggies as well as whole grains, it makes the serotonin levels sink lower.

3. Also women, when you and a man do the diet together, notice this: men have naturally lean muscle so compared to women, they have higher metabolisms, making it easier for them to drop weight faster. Women, on the other hand, have bodies that biologically are designed to hold onto fat because of their maternal ways of having babies and nurturing them.

4. Often, dieters become so starved for carbohydrates that they break down and start cheating little by little and/or drop the diet altogether.

5. It’s a fad diet. Sure, it may shed weight quickly, but once you go back to eating the way you did pre-diet weight loss, you’re back to square one. Plain and simple: fad diets don’t work.

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