Five Foods that Minimize Bloating

There’s nothing worse than bloating right before you go to the beach or an hour before you leave to celebrate your anniversary in that gorgeous new designer dress you spent a lot of money on. Bloating not only makes you feel fat, it makes you feel insecure and it completely zaps your level of confidence. To fight the bloat and look bikini or date night ready in no time, start eating these foods.

Cottage Cheese

Not only is it delicious, it helps to normalize your digestion, which makes you less bloated and looking good in no time.


Rich with ingredients such as magnesium and calcium, this delicious vegetable is a natural diuretic. You’ll eliminate water retention and digest your food properly.

Salmon, Halibut, and Tuna

You know each of these have a ton of Omega-3 fatty acids. Contrary to its name, these acids are great for your body. They will help you speed up your digestion so your food will exit your stomach much faster than it would with other options.

Cucumber Water

Cut up a cucumber and put it in your water. Spend the day drinking this to get rid of hydration, which causes bloat. Cucumber is also a natural diuretic which means you will eliminate waste and look thinner in no time.


Rather than eating salt, which is huge no-no if you don’t want to bloat, season your food with garlic. This little seasoning helps to fight toxins in your liver and metabolize fat the right way, which will have you looking thinner and less bloated in no time.

While all these things are things you should add to your diet to get rid of bloat, there are also a few things you should eliminate from your diet to avoid becoming bloated in the first place. Salt, carbonated beverages, refined carbohydrates, and gum make you bloat in no time. Say no thanks to these and no thanks to bloat.


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