Save More with Online Shopping

Nothing is more convenient – or more dangerous to a woman’s wallet – than online shopping. No parking mess at the mall, no pushy sales associates at Neiman Marcus and no hawk-eyed security guards making you feel like a criminal when you enter Tiffany & Co. to treat yourself to a little gift. Did we mention you get to shop from home in your pajamas if that’s how you feel? Additionally, online shopping provides you the opportunity to compare prices at other leading retailers with ease. To make online shopping even greater than it already is, here are several tips for finding the best possible deal for all your shopping needs – from your couch, in your pajamas and maybe with a glass of wine.


Before you make any online purchase search the web for coupon codes. These are easily found by entering the name of the store where you are shopping followed by the term coupon codes or promo codes into any search engine and browsing the results. These codes are entered at checkout and can have any number of financial benefits, such as a certain percentage off your order, free shipping or a flat dollar amount off your purchase.

Sign Up for Deals

The worst thing you can do is not sign up for online deals such as Groupon and LivingSocial. Every day you will receive emails about deals in your area that are at least 50 percent off the regular price – sometimes more. Additionally, these sites offer deals on travel as well. You can book a massage at your favorite spa for half price by signing up and checking your email every morning.

Browser Extensions

By adding browser extensions such as PriceBlink and Invisible Hand you will be provided with suggestions as to where to find the item you are searching for at a lower price. PriceBlink offers the added benefit of coupon codes sent to your email for items you purchase regularly.


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