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    How Do I Get Cheap Life Insurance?

    Let’s get something straight; we all need life insurance. I know what you’re going to say, “I don’t need it, but my husband/wife does since I stay home with the kids,” and I’m about to rock your world. You do need it. Sure, you don’t get paid as a stay-at-home parent, but you do save […] More

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    Do You Need Whole Life Insurance?

    Do you need whole life insurance or do you need term life insurance? It’s a question that many people ask on a regular basis. It’s something that you just can’t deny when it comes to insurance contemplation; it’s a question we all ask. For the most part, people tend to assume that whole life insurance […] More

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    Three Good Reasons to Apply for AARP Life Insurance

    If you’re a member of AARP, you automatically qualify for AARP life insurance. This is a good thing; not only do AARP members receive significant discounts on things in their lives, they also receive a lot of benefits as far as their life insurance is concerned. The issue most people have when it comes to […] More

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    What is Term Life Insurance and How Does it Work?

    Life insurance is so confusing. You pay for it, you die, they pay your family, right? Wrong; it’s so much more complicated than that. You have to do this, that and the other. Your death has to be investigated in some instances. Paperwork has to be filed and so many things have to be handled […] More

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    Why You Must Discuss Life Insurance with Your Family

    Choosing to get life insurance is a great responsibility. It’s something that you should do, even if it’s not something you want to do. No one likes to think of their own mortality, and for good reason. It’s depressing to think about dying, and not one of us enjoys that thought. However, life insurance is […] More

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    Is the Gerber Life Insurance Plan Worth the Money?

    The Gerber Life Insurance plan is one that many people wonder about, especially first-time parents. Is the plan worth the money? Is the plan something you need? Do babies even need life insurance? There are so many questions you might ask about a plan such as this, and each of them is a valid question […] More